On Fantage Gold is the current “Premium Currency”(Paid for not earnt). The real value of Gold is probably not one set value as there are different discounts and prices set when sold by third parties. But we’ll try to show you how much 1 gold really costs. I know I haven’t factored in the “10% Bonus” Gold that Fantage gives but that doesn’t really effect the price.

BONUS NON-MEMBER TIP: If you want to buy 20000 Gold, it’s cheaper to buy one month of Membership and choose the $10 Gold option which will give you 25000 Gold, for just $17.95. However remember to cancel your Membership before the end of the month or you will be charged again (Unless you want to continue paying for Membership). 

Read on for the Gold Prices!

GoldPremium Gold

Let’s begin with the simplest one, Fantage selling to non-members. For easy calculation we will convert all dollars to cents.
$10 for 10000 Gold: 1000/10000=0.1 cents
$20 for 22000 Gold: 2000/22000=0.091 cents
$50 for 70000 Gold: 5000/70000=0.071 cents

Now for the price when Fantage sells double the gold (Standard Premium Member Price).
$10 for 20000 Gold: 1000/20000=0.05 cents
$20 for 44000 Gold: 2000/44000=0.045 cents
$50 for 140000 Gold: 5000/140000=0.035 cents

The double double gold, for Premium Members during a double Gold sale.
$10 for 20000 Gold: 1000/40000=0.025 cents
$20 for 44000 Gold: 2000/88000=0.023 cents
$50 for 140000 Gold: 5000/280000=0.013 cents

Finally, I’ve seen people selling Gold on Instagram for PayPal money. (Be careful if you buy from someone via PayPal, they may try to scam you.)
$1 for 10000 (9000 after tax) Gold: 100/9000=0.01 cents

What to take away from this?
As a non-member it’s far cheaper to buy gold from someone via PayPal, but it’s also far riskier.
The value of 1 Gold ranges between 0.1 cents, and 0.01 cents depending on where you buy it.
If you have 1 Million Gold, you are not going to get 0.1 cents per Gold ($1000 dollars). If you try to convert your 1 Million Gold into money by selling via PayPal it will probably be worth 0.01 cents per Gold ($100).

Let me know if you think my maths is incorrect. That will be embarrassing.