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Royal Chance Mission

Hey guys,

I just happened to log in early this AM to check stuff before heading off to school. I figured I would pop a post in since I have a Tennis Match today. In all honesty I am not feeling school this year.  I kind of wish I had taken regular classes this year. Not sure why I am feeling this way at all, as I am usually all prepared to work my behind off. I just feel like I’m struggling for nothing.  Anyhow, let me break down this event quickly.

The mission game is the same as last year, once a day you get a new mission. Mine for today was to lose 3 games which I did and completed the mission. I was given a medal, EXCEPT, the medal did not show up and neither did my levels.  I was wondering whether this was even supposed to be released so early because the double gold is not released as of yet plus the sign still says coming soon.  I am waiting to buy the items once I see the double gold it is, because I am broke.

HOW TO PLAY: This game is a repeat game and quite simple. King takes Joker, Queen takes King, and Joker takes Queen.

royal mission sucks

Now on to the items: The girls items and prices are below,  Hopefully one of the guys can add the boys items.

In true Fantagian form, I think I will make it a regular thing to have a contest every time Fantage has Double Gold. If you plan on buying all the Limited items please comment below and I’ll randomize one winner for a special prize.



Bingo! Where have you been?

Hi guys,

It’s Gia,

I know I’ve been slacking on Bingo, it’s just I’m not sure who reads this stuff anymore. So here is this weeks Bingo board below.

bingo today

For starters I am grateful there is no Book It, however Putt Putt takes forever as does Dance Fever. Type Boo, Bullseye, Memory Mixup, Rocket Board, and Go Kart are simple scoring games. I suggest you plant the Corn first before starting bingo so you can harvest right away and plant 2 more. There is not much you can do about the 1 hour Soybean thing unless you speed it up with friends or nons.  Good luck!


It’s Summer Camp Time!

Hey Fantagians,

Gia here, I haven’t posted in a awhile because I’ve been busy.  I just wanted everyone to know that I am always here reading posts and comments.  I logged in today and saw a new event and decided I should post something. Plus, I have a surprise for all the Fantagians that follow my blog.

Let’s start with some event info:  The event runs from 7/6 to 7/19 the entrance is off to the right near creature arena. Thanks to the wonderful Fantagian that posed with me for the Pic.  There is a medal for this event which requires you to log in each day and complete a task.

****If you are anything like me, you will forget to log in one day and mess things up.  for this event I will be setting a reminder on my phone daily.

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Butterfly Catch


Fantage is back again with another event! Continue reading “Butterfly Catch”

Rescue Elfie Locations

When Elfie is “at home” you cannot find him. You must wait until it changes back to “missing”.

The medal max is 10 Levels for Non-Members and 20 Levels for Members

If you’re looking for a specific clue on this page press “Ctrl+F” (Cmd+F on Mac) on your keyboard and type in the end of the clue.

Somebody saw him…

At Mt. Fantage – Right side of Mt. Fantage
At MyMall – MyMall, Uptown
At one of the buildings Uptown – Hall of Fame, Uptown
At the Cabin – Cabin, Right Side of Mt. Fantage
At the Cafeteria – Cafeteria, 2nd Floor Fantage School
At the Clubhouse – Clubhouse, Fantage School
At the Comet – Comet & Co., Mt. Fantage
At the Grotto – The Grotto, The Forest
At the Hotel – Resort, The Island
At the Mission Center – Right side of Mission Center (Click the pole on the right side of Downtown or Uptown, then click to use the elevator)
At the Ottomans – Ottoman’s Furniture Store, Uptown
At the Star Cafe – Star Cafe, Downtown
At the Superpower Shop – QBlast, Downtown
At the Wizard’s Hut – Orion’s Rare Finds (Where you spend gems), The Forest
At the bush with flowers – Far right side of Downtown
At the ferris wheel – Carnival
At the hot springs – Spa, The Island
At the rollercoaster – Carnival
At the safehouse (Lifeguard Tower)- The Beach
At the school – Fantage School
At the swimming pool – The Cruise (Ship at the beach)
At the waterslide – The Cruise (Ship at the beach)
At the waterwheel – Left side of Pet Town
Beside a Soda Machine – Cafeteria, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Beside the pond – Left side of Pet Town
Buying Furniture – Furniture Store, Uptown
Buying emoticons – IDFone Shop, Uptown
Buying swimsuits – High Tide, The Island
Dancing on a stage – The Palm Dance Club, The Beach
Drinking Coffee – Star Cafe
Dying his hair – Stellar Salon
Hiding behind the trees – The Forest
In one of the buildings downtown – Top Models, Downtown
Inbetween Buildings – Between Le Shop and Stellar Salon, Downtown
Looking at Fantage Legends – Hall of Fame Floor 3, Uptown
Looking at a lotus in a pond – Right Side of the Forest
Looking at the Trendsetters – Hall of Fame, Far Left Uptown
Looking into a crystal ball – Orion’s Rare Finds, The Forest
Lying on a sunbed – Far right of The Island
Mannequins – PM Boutique, Uptown
Near a chalkboard and an apple – ABC Room, Fantage School
Near poison – Secret Lab, Lighthouse (Guide for getting there here)
Near the Comet – Comet & Co., Mt. Fantage
Near the campfire – Mt. Fantage
Near the clean Fantage sign – Fantage School
Near the puzzles – The Arcade, Carnival
Near the scoreboard – Gym, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Next to the crossroad – Uptown
On a colorful floor – The Palm Dance Club, The Beach
On the coconut tree – The Beach
Playing Air Hockey – Arcade, Carnival
Playing Basketball – Gym, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Playing Book It or Bucket – Gym, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Playing King Me – Cafeteria, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Playing Off the Hook – Gym, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Playing Roulette – Lucky Bob’s, The Forest
Playing a saxophone – Music Room, Fantage School
Playing at the gym – Gym, 2nd Floor Fantage School
Playing chess – 2nd Floor of Fantage School
Playing the drums – Music Room, Fantage School
Playing with cubes and lasers – QBlast, Downtown
Riding a Swan Boat – Grotto, Forest
Shopping for clothes – Le Shop, Downtown
Sitting beside the fountain – Pet Town
Snowboarding – The Cabin/Santa’s Cabin, Mt. Fantage
Trying on hats – Le Shop
Under the Clock Tower – Between Le Shop and Stellar Salon, Downtown
Under the school bell – 1st Floor of Fantage School
Underground Elevator – Right side of Downtown
Uptown – Right side of Uptown
Using a calculator – Numbers Room, Fantage School
Watching a fashion show – Top Model, Right side of Downtown
Wearing a lipstick – Stellar Salon
With Cody – Pet Town
With Gizmo – QBlast, Downtown
With Jamie – Clubhouse
With Maurice – Pet Store, Pet Town
With Michael – Board Shop, Uptown
With Michelle – Le Shop, Downtown
With Orion – Orion’s Rare Finds, The Forest
With Pixie and Soapie Stan – QBlast, Downtown
With Sophia – PM Boutique
With Stellar -Stellar Salon, Downtown
With a British Officer – The Castle
With a Cat – Pet Town
With a Mouse – The Castle
With a cowboy – Lucky Bob’s, Right side of Forest
With a pumpkin – Jester’s Costumes, Uptown
With a realtor – Inside the Castle
With a starfish – The Beach
With balloons – Carnival
With other pets – Pet Academy, Pet Town
With the Golden Statues – 4th Floor Hall of Fame, Uptown
With the blue fairy – The Grotto, The Forest
With the shark – Left side of The Beach
With the waiter – Chez Fantage, The Cruise
With thee (three) seagulls – The Lighthouse


Comment more below! We can help you find them if you need.



Fall Fairy Fiasco!


Ok so here is the new event! I had to write about it ASAP cause I was so confused. When you click on info it takes you to the forest. reminds me of the event where things fell in the forest every so often and you had to collect them but the leaves never fell:(

So then I checked every shop and area thinking it was like other hunting events, but it wasn’t. What gives??? It is almost as if they mixed 2 kinds of hunting events in one and forgot to remove the forest part because the forest is not useful in this event. Unless a leaf is there. How are we supposed to know when that is?


the keyfall leaf out now

Apparently this little guy up in the corner is the key. At some points he flashes something saying the leaves have fallen. In broken English.  Then you need to search for them before the flashing words.  Basically, you have to collect 10 of each item to get the prizes. I went ahead and bought the leaves, I am just too busy at the moment to sit on Fantage. Everytime that flashes I manage to only find one leaf then the sign disappears.

Each leaf is 200 Gold, and the other 3 are 400 I think. There is also a Limited cart with some cute items.


Return of the Puppies

Hey Fantagians,

The Return of the Puppies event was released. The main objective of the event is to level up the Puppy Sitting Medal by using “energy” to make the puppy healthy. First off you will need to choose which puppy you want to take care of. There are three options, and once you pick one, you can’t change it.

Read on for the most effective way to level the medal + more information on the event.
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Class of 2016 event!

This has got to be the easiest way to earn levels ever, which is cool because I heard the pizza one was hard. Basically you have to remember to log in everyday for the next week and visit The Palm and the Cruise Ship. Non members can get up to 5 levels, members get 10 levels. There is no excuse not to max this medal. Set a reminder.

event parties.png

Royal Chance Event

So the event has been released and I’ve never been more confused. I’ll explain that as we go. The limited cart is selling a hair, dress and board.  The total cost for the items will be 13,000 GOLD. I like the dress and board idk about the hair. My favorite part about this event is of course the medal,  5 levels for nons and 10 for members. All you gotta do is play the card game and complete the mission. Everyone has a different mission. Sadly, the card game doesn’t follow as a card game would. I would expect King to take Queen and Queen to take Joker but as you see below it doesn’t work that way or I am just dyslexic.

My mission completed!
Instructions makes sense kind of but plays opposite of this pic!
King takes Joker?
Joker takes Queen? so that means Queen takes King? So confused!!



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