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Bingo Grid 5/2/16

Here’s the new grid Yipee! Remember to plant the corn before you start and if you do Wild brainies and have trouble getting to 70 try the 3rd level of addition.


Bingo Grid 4/25

I really like doing bingo it’s the only fun I have left here. 🙂 That Pearly Pop is my nemesis but I’ve been practicing . For Magic Pop just move your fellow to the right of the screen and hold down that space bar. Repeat for all stages!



Bingo Grid 4/11/16

New bingo grid. Yay!  JK  Anyhow there is no easy way around this one that I can tell because carrots take 4 hours and soybeans take 1 hour. There are 18 grids and you need 40 soybeans so you have to plant 3 times, therefore I cannot see anyone finishing in under an hour unless they plant before midnight speed them up before and after midnight but then you cant speed the second set up much. IDK  If you have any secrets please tell me. The rest is easy though 😦



Bingo Grid for 4/4/16

New Bingo Grid. Yay!


I suggest you plant corn before you start, they only take 2 min to grow and you need 30. The roses take 10 min and you need 25 so you have enough time to do rest of grid. The rest are time wasters as I call them. Have fun! BTW we are almost at 100 followers. Woot!

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Bingo Grid week of 3/28/16

Hey guys it’s Gia with the BINGO grid.


As you know you should always harvest first then plant so make sure you plant those wheat before you start bingo.

From experience, or at least mine, 40,000 in Pearly Pop is difficult so I’ll be using the ask a friend feature for help with this one. LOL

For Treasure Hunters I suggest doing the easiest puzzle which is the “!” mark.

The rest should be cake.

Have fun!


St. Patrick’s Day Event & Medal Info

Hey Fantagians,

The St. Patricks’s Day event has begun. The event consists of 3 different features which includes a Limited cart of Fashion items, a search for the Leprechaun game for levels and a Limited plant for your farm.


The medal is maxed at 10 for members and 5 for non-members.  To level this medal you must collect Shamrocks. Wearing Limited Items earns 5 extra Shamrocks each time and being a member adds 10 extra Shamrocks.The amount of Shamrocks needed to level increases with each level. There are 3 ways to collect Shamrocks.
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Level with Gia: Day 3

Last day at the carnival!

1.) Check in at pet town.

2.) Do your daily quiz

3.) Play the last remaining games in the arcade:

Fish Fish, Go Cart, Buzzer Beater, Rocket Board, Snow Day, Splash, Jelly Fishing and Putt Putt.

I have no suggestions on how to get high scores in these games but to go to a low server where the scores have reset and hope for the best. 😦

16 levels today. If you followed me since day 1 you would have 36 levels in total from games.  Next stop Mt. Fantage!


How to Fix the Instant Message Box

Hey Fantagians,

Now I’m not sure how many people have this problem, but if you use the message box, this probably happens to you semi regularly.
Stuck Chat
The chat box gets stuck off the screen, and you can’t move it or close it. Luckily there’s a super simple fix.
Push the bottom of the box upwards so the box is smaller, and then press the “Social” icon in your menu and it will reset the box.

Social Button

And it’s fixed.
IM Box Fixed


Level with Gia! Day 2

1.) Check in at Pet School

2.) Do your Daily Quiz

3.) Still at the amusement park, we will complete the arcade games: BoBo fish,

Pearly Pop, Galaxy Hero, Whack A Veggie,  Bricks Breaking and Finally Type Boo.

Remember to score in top 3.  There is a total of 6 games so you should get 12 levels by completing this.

~ Gianna4125

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