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Bingo Grid 5/2/16

Here’s the new grid Yipee! Remember to plant the corn before you start and if you do Wild brainies and have trouble getting to 70 try the 3rd level of addition.


Bingo Grid 4/25

I really like doing bingo it’s the only fun I have left here. 🙂 That Pearly Pop is my nemesis but I’ve been practicing . For Magic Pop just move your fellow to the right of the screen and hold down that space bar. Repeat for all stages!



Bingo Grid 4/11/16

New bingo grid. Yay!  JK  Anyhow there is no easy way around this one that I can tell because carrots take 4 hours and soybeans take 1 hour. There are 18 grids and you need 40 soybeans so you have to plant 3 times, therefore I cannot see anyone finishing in under an hour unless they plant before midnight speed them up before and after midnight but then you cant speed the second set up much. IDK  If you have any secrets please tell me. The rest is easy though 😦



Bingo Grid week of 3/28/16

Hey guys it’s Gia with the BINGO grid.


As you know you should always harvest first then plant so make sure you plant those wheat before you start bingo.

From experience, or at least mine, 40,000 in Pearly Pop is difficult so I’ll be using the ask a friend feature for help with this one. LOL

For Treasure Hunters I suggest doing the easiest puzzle which is the “!” mark.

The rest should be cake.

Have fun!


Leveling with Gia!

I’m slowly developing a step by step guide to leveling.  Everyone can level with a little discipline.  I’m going to share my tips and tricks to get stuff done.  So in this post we are gonna discuss the Attendance Medal and Miniquest Medal.  To finish these medals you have to follow through with my instructions everyday.

1.) When you first log in, your first order of business will be to go to pet school and check in.  To max this medal you must log for 100 days consecutively if you miss a day you start back at one and trust there is nothing worst than logging in 99 days straight and forgetting the last day. Then you have to start from 1 again 😦  I have maxed this medal for 2 people besides myself and have learned that I cannot trust the other person to log themselves in.

2.) After you check in at the pet school do your miniquest questions. If you have a little time you can also play 1 pet game or 1 fashion show or fashion battle. Only after these are done can you socialize.

Have fun!


Fantage Game Medal Games

Here’s a list of all the games for the Games Medal. I believe the maximum level for the games medal is 98. For every game you can get 2 levels. We’ll link guides for the games as we make them. Continue reading “Fantage Game Medal Games”

Game Guide: King Me

This was the hardest game for me to get a high score for the Game Medal (Top 3) in. But, I worked out the strategy to it, and now, with a little skill to begin with, getting a high score is relatively easy. Originally I had thought your score would be higher if you won faster, or with more pieces, but no. The way to high score is…get as many of your pieces to the other end of the board as possible. If you want to get a high score for positions 1,2, or 3 go to a server with not many people on it. It’s important to know that if someone moves into your path, it will force you to take that piece (If there’s a space behind it). Here’s the video of me playing it, I believe if you copy my exact moves, you will get the same score (Not that it’s that great).

Game Guide: Fruit Stack

Now, this isn’t quite playing along with the fun of things, but, if you’re absolutely horrendous at Connect 4 (Fruit Stack) like I am, this is the exact tool for you.

This website tells you which moves you can make which will let you win (I believe it’s a guaranteed win too, as long as you follow the steps of course).
The only catch to this is, you have to go first in the game. Read on to find out exactly how to use it! Continue reading “Game Guide: Fruit Stack”

Fantage Game Guide: Bobo Fish


Bobo Fish is an arcade game. Here are some tips for playing and getting good at it from the master himself. You probably didn’t know this, but I hold 1st place in the all time rankings for this game. …and 3rd place, and 5th place. It’s only natural for me to be the one to make a guide on it. ★ Continue reading “Fantage Game Guide: Bobo Fish”

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