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My Mall Changes Please Read

This is great news! No more scamming! So now you can only sell in My Mall if you are a Premium Member. What does that mean?

It means NO MORE SCAMMING and NO more MINING, HACKING or transferring items, unless of course you want to pay for a membership.  I’m pretty sure all of you know 1 if not 2 or more people who got scammed or hacked. It’s not fun or nice. So I guess we can thank all the scammers that used nonmembers as alternates.



Leveling with Gia!

I’m slowly developing a step by step guide to leveling.  Everyone can level with a little discipline.  I’m going to share my tips and tricks to get stuff done.  So in this post we are gonna discuss the Attendance Medal and Miniquest Medal.  To finish these medals you have to follow through with my instructions everyday.

1.) When you first log in, your first order of business will be to go to pet school and check in.  To max this medal you must log for 100 days consecutively if you miss a day you start back at one and trust there is nothing worst than logging in 99 days straight and forgetting the last day. Then you have to start from 1 again 😦  I have maxed this medal for 2 people besides myself and have learned that I cannot trust the other person to log themselves in.

2.) After you check in at the pet school do your miniquest questions. If you have a little time you can also play 1 pet game or 1 fashion show or fashion battle. Only after these are done can you socialize.

Have fun!


Fantage Secret: Chat Monkey

Another one of those popular old secrets, which have now been mostly forgotten. If you’re in an instant message chat with someone type in:

Thats One Crazy Monkey

And it will send that person a dancing monkey!

Thats One Crazy Monkey

General Bingo Guide

Hey Fantagians,

I know a lot of people struggle to be bothered to do the Bingo Grid, but on the off chance you DO want to complete it, I’ve put a guide together. Read on! Continue reading “General Bingo Guide”

How To Level!

Everyone asks me the same question, so I’m gonna answer it finally! How did I level so fast slowly?

1.) Stop socializing

2.) Just pick a medal and do it to completion

3.) enlist your buddies to join you so you are not so bored.

4.) spend lots of money.

I will start this series one medal at a time.
Continue reading “How To Level!”

Reporting other Fantagians

A sad reality these days on Fantage is that people do the wrong thing. They cheat, scam, hack, swear, hold utterly inappropriate parties. But we’d like to change that, and if everyone pitches in, things will hopefully begin to improve. Read on for the Guide. Continue reading “Reporting other Fantagians”

New MyMall Rules: Explained

So as many of you Fantagians know, Fantage has introduced a new stricter rule set into MyMall. The rules will pop up everytime you enter MyMall, which I can imagine is getting pretty tiring for regular visitors.

New MyMall Rules

So I’ll break down each rule for everyone now, and try to explain why it’s there. Continue reading “New MyMall Rules: Explained”

How Much Is Fantage Gold Really Worth?

On Fantage Gold is the current “Premium Currency”(Paid for not earnt). The real value of Gold is probably not one set value as there are different discounts and prices set when sold by third parties. But we’ll try to show you how much 1 gold really costs. I know I haven’t factored in the “10% Bonus” Gold that Fantage gives but that doesn’t really effect the price.

BONUS NON-MEMBER TIP: If you want to buy 20000 Gold, it’s cheaper to buy one month of Membership and choose the $10 Gold option which will give you 25000 Gold, for just $17.95. However remember to cancel your Membership before the end of the month or you will be charged again (Unless you want to continue paying for Membership). 

Read on for the Gold Prices!

Continue reading “How Much Is Fantage Gold Really Worth?”

Fantage Basics #1: Chat Filters

Hey Fantagians,

Fantage has chat filters in place which censors things you say. The filters are in place to prevent users from revealing personal information or using inappropriate or offensive language. These filters work by not showing what you say to other people if what you say has a filtered word in it. For example, if I try to say “You’re stupid” on Fantage, no one else will see it because it has been filtered. Continue reading “Fantage Basics #1: Chat Filters”

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