Hey Fantagians,

I know a lot of people struggle to be bothered to do the Bingo Grid, but on the off chance you DO want to complete it, I’ve put a guide together. Read on!

  Things to prepare BEFORE you click start on the Bingo Grid.

  1. Check what the weeks grid holds. We post what’s on the grid every week, so that’s the best way to find out.
  2. Make sure you have at least one alternate account. (More recommended)
  3. Presuming you need to plant things, make sure you have the most plant plots you can afford, this will help you achieve a faster time.


4. Plant anything that bingo says you need to harvest, if you can’t plant them all at once, you’ll have to do the rest once you start the grid. Before you go past this step wait until they are ready to be harvested BUT DO NOT HARVEST THEM.


5. If you need party stickers, log into alternate accounts and begin parties. (A friend could also do this, especially if you’ve already started the grid.)

Starting the Bingo Grid

Press “Start Bingo Grid”

Start Bingo

  1. Immediately go to your farm (presuming there are plants needed)
  2. Harvest all the plants. It’s quite likely that you won’t have been able to harvest enough, so plant the remaining number of ones you need to harvest. (E.g. If I need 20 roses harvested, but only harvested 18, I need to plant 2 more to harvest later)
  3. Plant any plants that need to be “Planted”
  4. Go to any currently running parties and collect all the stickers you need.
  5. Get the high scores, and multiple plays that you need. There will be guides on how to do that efficiently soon.

6. During the previous step, if you need, return to your farm to harvest and plant more.


If you have not got all of your party stickers, check your list again for any new parties

Congratulations, unless one of us screwed up immensely, you should have completed the Bingo Grid!


Harvest means plant AND pull up the plant.
Plant just means place in the ground.
This guide is for trying to complete Bingo as fast as possible, if you don’t care about speed it’s not necessary to follow it.