Every Valentine’s day on Fantage the race to get a virtual boyfriend is on.  I’m not quite sure why. Valentine’s isn’t about having a virtual boyfriend but about showing appreciation to friends or people you love that love you back.  150 million cards are sent out in the world on this day only second to Christmas. I’m guessing Chocolate sales are the best on this holiday also. Let’s delve into the origins of this lovely holiday.

According to history during the Roman empire about 270AD a priest secretly married soldiers after it was prohibited by law. The ruler at the time believed unmarried men made better soldiers. Makes perfect sense since if you have nothing to lose you are more reckless. He is soon caught and is arrested and jailed and befriends his prison guard’s daughter who is blind.  To become a Saint, there must be a miracle so of course he reversed her blindness. Sadly, he was still executed but sent her a note that said “From your Valentine”. That is how that term was coined.

So Fantage again will be full of red and pinks in honor of St. Valentine.  I’m super excited to see the Limited cart because Valentine’s outfits are just the cutest. Based on the pic below the outfits are amazing. Additionally, it says “Gift your friends!” So I imagine it will be like the New Year event where you can buy Limiteds for other people. I noticed one slightly odd thing here. The boys hand looks to disappear inside the body accessory.

Valentines Day Items


Valentines Day Cards

Sending cards and gifts to friends is really the true meaning of Valentine’s day so it’s great Fantage stuck by the message of the holiday.

Can’t wait to see this event!