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Strawberry House Face

So it all started with me thinking that the icon for the new Strawberry House looks like a screaming flying strawberry. Which I’m sure you’ll agree it does.
Screaming Strawberry

But then it started to get out of hand.

strawberry in mouth
Strawberry flying away from being eaten

Fifteen minutes later…

Crazy Strawberry
Things got very out of hand.

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New Home & Valentine’s Limiteds

Fantage has released new items today!  I am so happy they released a Limited Home also.

The Strawberry home is adorable, but who agrees it looks like a face.

Let’s take a look at the cute new outfits also. These can also be gifted to people. Cute!


A quick note, for the middle set, the shirt and pants (2000 Gold each) are for boys only, and the One Piece (Onep) is for girls only.
Thanks so much to the blog followers that modeled for me.



Valentine’s Event

Hey Fantagians, the Valentine’s event was released earlier today and I have to say I am loving the outfit. So glad you have the option of gifting friends and random strangers.  The entire set will cost 9,500 Gold. Also, there’s good news, the event actually runs from the 4th until the 17th of February.


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Valentine’s Day Event! Coming Soon!


Every Valentine’s day on Fantage the race to get a virtual boyfriend is on.  I’m not quite sure why. Valentine’s isn’t about having a virtual boyfriend but about showing appreciation to friends or people you love that love you back.  150 million cards are sent out in the world on this day only second to Christmas. I’m guessing Chocolate sales are the best on this holiday also. Let’s delve into the origins of this lovely holiday.

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Exciting News!!

Our official open date for will be Valentine’s day!!!

Why Valentine’s day?  Well, Agnt007 and I started this blog to show some love ❤ to Fantage, so I guess it’s fitting our official date is 2/14/16.

There are so many Fantage blogs, how will we be different?  I am hoping that we successfully bring some old and new Fantage together. Our blog will never post anything that takes away from Fantage, in other words you will never find any negative comments about Fantage or Fantagians.  We want this to be a positive blog.

Keep reading to hear about surprises 🙂

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