Hey Fantagians, the Valentine’s event was released earlier today and I have to say I am loving the outfit. So glad you have the option of gifting friends and random strangers.  The entire set will cost 9,500 Gold. Also, there’s good news, the event actually runs from the 4th until the 17th of February.


VDay Info

You can collect stamps from different areas around Fantage for your team to get the really cool prizes. There are two teams, Strawberry and Heart. I’m on Team Heart so if anyone else is on my team, let’s get some stamps.

Team StrawberryTeam Heart

I am so looking forward to the flower headpiece.

New Girls Prize Items
New Boys Items
New Boys Prize Items

In terms of items, from left to right there is a “Red/Orange Rose and Heart Crown”, “Strawberry Hat” “Orange Rose Bow/(Earrings)”, “Chocolate Bar Board”, and “TBC (A muffin)”



~Gianna4125 & Agnt007