I feel like I really should not need to post about this but I am going to anyway!  Last night I was able to log into Fantage (cheers), only to see a newly made non advertising free gold for anyone who kiks him.  I decided I would play his game and gave him my kik. The first question he asked me was my age, then to send a pic. I proceeded to tell him that sending pics to strangers was really unsafe.

Many of us on Fantage are seasoned players and know this is probably a set up of some sort. I forwarded his user name and info to Fantage so they can check his IP and ban him accordingly. Trying to do my part to keep Fantage safe. My message is that we do not know who is on the other side of the keyboard so be careful.  I have at many times offered to vid chat people if their identity was questionable. Even if I just hear their voice it ensures me it’s not some 50 year old dude trying to befriend me for not so good reasons. Be safe Fantagians do not share personal info through Fantage or any apps. Do not use your personal Kik, Insta, Facebook or YouTube to communicate!