Part 2 of these blog throwbacks, today we’re covering the Official Fantage Blog, Fantage Cheats, and Fantage The Best. I personally like the Official Fantage Blog the best out of these, but the other two are really great with unofficial content and showcasing old events.

easterleak1.jpgI guess it only makes sense to start todays post with the Official Fantage Blog. Although it is no longer available at, Fantage too started out on WordPress. So here you can see all of Fantage’s first year blogging. The Fantage Blog started out with Himani writing on it, but then about half way through 2008 “M” started posting, and I don’t think Himani was seen in an official Fantage setting again. The Fantage blog is great because it shows you the old glitches Fantage had, but encouraged people to use. Instead of using “zoom” to fly, if people followed a certain path clicking on the screen, they could reach “special” areas. These areas included behind the cafe window, the balcony of Ottoman’s Furniture (They remodeled it, without a balcony now.), and the ice cream shop at the Carnival.

Fantage Piper Peach was run by one half (Sameer) of the Famous duo Sameer1000 & Canada. His blog was originally for Club Penguin, and was named after a popular penguin called “PiperPeach” (From what I can tell anyway). Interestingly enough, Sameer1000 started doing Club Penguin blogging in 2007, if you browse through his blog here you will with find vintage posts feature…WINDOWS XP *gasps*.

canada-sameer2As a smooth little segway, our last blog for this post is Fantage Cheater, by Sameer1000 & Canada. As you may realise their posts are often the same as the ones on piper peach, but oh well. Their blog featured a lot of really cool stuff from the Vintage days of Fantage. It’s great that you can see the events from back then, here’s the 2009 New Year event with the visors! To clarify for those who don’t remember, at the bottom of that post they mention “M, R, and G”, those were Fantage staff who would turn up very occasionally at events etc.

inverted colourI was only going to do three blogs today, but decided that Sameer and Canada’s ones were way too similar. So I thought I’d introduce you to Fantage The Best. Although towards the end it wasn’t so amazing, Fantage the Best has to be one of the best old blogs. They covered pretty much all of the events, and didn’t always just copy the Fantage Official Blog. My favourite posts are this one showing some famous Fantagian’s IDFones and this one, showing an old cheat/glitch. Their pictures page is also worth a look. I’ve linked the first ever page of posts from their blog, because the more recent posts we all over the place and not really Fantage related, but you can scroll through anyway .