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Merry Christmas!

Hello Fantagian Readers!

Just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas from all of us at Fantagian!

Christmas is my favourite holiday and not just because of the school break. There’s so many things to love about this holiday including Christmas lights, candy canes, santa/reindeer/elf hats, FOOD, Christmas specials on TV, and secret santa.

This holiday can be stressful because of preparations for parties and gift buying but this holiday is about getting together and spending time with your family and friends and giving a little to those in need whether you volunteer your time to your community or give a gift to someone in need.

We hope you have a relaxing, festive, and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Also, here’s my place full of Christmas decor and some of the limited items styled.


Winter Ensembles

Hello Fantagian Readers!

cheesepizza25 here and Happy December!

I see a lot of people in Fantage wearing a lot of “vintage” items they probably bought/traded. Fantage has plenty of clothes, accessories, and boards but people are so attached and obsessed with wearing these “vintage” items so today I’m going to show you 10 winter themed ensembles that do not feature “vintage” items.

For some of them I’m wearing the invisibility shoes so sorry about the transparency.

*************************(25 Snowflakes)

This one is called: I love Fantage and being a member on Fantage that’s why I’m wearing all these PM gift items. Dang I love Fantage! (I have PM mittens which I wanted to wear but decided on the scarf instead)

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