Hello Fantagian Readers!

cheesepizza25 here and Happy December!

I see a lot of people in Fantage wearing a lot of “vintage” items they probably bought/traded. Fantage has plenty of clothes, accessories, and boards but people are so attached and obsessed with wearing these “vintage” items so today I’m going to show you 10 winter themed ensembles that do not feature “vintage” items.

For some of them I’m wearing the invisibility shoes so sorry about the transparency.

*************************(25 Snowflakes)

This one is called: I love Fantage and being a member on Fantage that’s why I’m wearing all these PM gift items. Dang I love Fantage! (I have PM mittens which I wanted to wear but decided on the scarf instead)


This one has no special name, I just styled the new PM gift board with some wintery stuff


This one is called: Purple? Who actually wears purple? Purple in the winter? Who actually has purple but me? Purple??


This one is called: I’m a student and I just can’t wait for winter break so I can sleep and sleep and more sleep ZZZZZZ I don’t even know how to carry books properly I’m so tired…


This one is called: I love dog sledding WEEEEEE


This one is called: I’m not obsessed with snowmen, you’re obsessed with snowmen, what are you talkin’ about? No, you cannot touch my snowglobe *slowly backs away*


This one is called: I’m gonna freeze to death but at least I look fabulous *lowers sunglasses and winks*


This one is called: I’m gonna visit Gramma so I gotta wear all the stuff she made me


This one is called: Black fur is my new best friend YOU CAN NEVER SEPARATE US


This one is called: Neon skiing on a neon tube thingamabob


That’s 10 but here are 2 more bonuses

This one is called: CANADIAN PRIDE (I’m Canadian so yea)


And this one is called: Prince Of Snow (I have many crowns for some reason so I wanted to feature one)


Thanks for reading! Comment below and tell me your favourite one, if you have one cuz they’re all pretty weird…