Here are the meanings of some abbreviations that Fantagians use. If you’re looking for a specific word or abbreviation press “Ctrl+F” (Cmd+F on Mac) on your keyboard and type in the word.


TnT = Crying/Sad (The top part of the T is a closed eye and the stick part is a tear running down the face.The n is a frown)
owo/ono = Face expressions, the two O’s are the eyes and the w and n are usually the mouth or nose. If there is something outside it’s suposed to be the ears.
o oi = you’re watching and listening people often say that to watch what is happening.
O oi = awkward (like the i is a sweat drop like in manga)
ouo = Another face?
OOI = O_O / awkward
xD = Laughing face
xP = Laughing with tongue out face


Fjs/Fs = For Sale
Fjt/Ft = For Trade
Nfs = Not For Sale
Nft = Not for Trade
Flr = Floor
Min = Minimum price for an item (Usually 500 Gold)
Msh = Movie Star Hair


wujn/wun/one = Boyfriend/Girlfriend
bae/beb/vev/bevb/bvb/vav = Babe(girlfriend/boyfriend)
ily = I love you
ilyt = I love you too
ilym = I love you more
Ilysm = I love you so much
PD/PfD = Prom/Party Date
kyas/khss/ciz/k!es/kcc/c!z/cizz/k!zz/kjs/cas/khs = Kiss
nik = Like
yxes = sexy(Read it Backwards)
dfm = date for me
val = Valentine(For Valentine’s Day)
Gf = Girlfriend
Bf = Boyfriend
xes/sx/cex/ceox = sex
ylp = you look pretty
ccy = Sexy
wuv = Love

To Be Sorted:

Bai = Bye
bff = best friends forever
bfffl= Best friend forever for life
bffl = best friend for life
bfudor= Big Fluffly unicorns dancing on rainbows ( I made this up )
brb=Be Right back
bwd = bad
Ceebs/cbs/cbf = Cant be stuffed/f***ed
ctmp =come to my party or come to my place
cya = see you later
© = copyright fantagian blog
Dalm/dxlm = Damn
dnd= do not disturb.
Dx = another sideways face
Ell = Hell
Ello = Hello
FS = Fashion Show
ftw = **** the world/for the win
Gg = Good game
Gl = Good luck
GNY = Gay
Gtfo = Get the **** off
gtg or g2g= got to go
Hai = Hi
hay = hey
hru = How are you?
idc = i dont care
idgi = I dont get it
idk = I don’t know
idrc = I don’t really care
ihy = i hate you
ikr = i know right
ikt =I know that
k!x = kick
kewl = cool
kk = Ok
kl = cool
kmt = kiss my teeth
kyk = kik messaging app (Like iMessage)
leab = lesbian
les = lesbian
Lmao = Laughing my a** off
Lmfao = Laugh my ****ing a** off
lol= lots of love or laugh out loud
LP = Lets party
mem= member
mvp = most valuble person nmjc=nothing much just chilling
mwd= mad
noe = No
Np = No problem
nvm= Never mind
Okai = Ok
omg= Oh My God/Gosh
oml = Oh my lord
o?d = old
ORF = Orions Rare Finds
phc= f**k
plc= Place
Pop = Popular
POS = Parents over shoulder
r = are
rlly = really
rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
shed= sh*t
smh= Shaking My Head
soz/srry = Sorry
Stfu = Shut the **** up
Strs = Stars
swd= sad
sys = see you soon
syt = See you tomorrow
tbh = To be honest
tbt = Throw back Thursday
thx = Thanks
tmi = too much information
ttfn= Ta Ta For Now
ttyl = talk to you later
ty = Thank You
tysm= Thank You So Much
tyt= take your time
u = you
ur = your
wayd = what are you doing
wb/wcbk/weba/webuh = Welcome Back
wru = where are you
wtd = what the duck/d**k
wtf/wduf/DyF/TvF= What the F***
wtgdm = what the god/gosh damn monkey
xox = hugs and kisses ( idk if it works in fantage )
yer = year
ymcmb = young money cash money billionaire
yolo = you live only once
Yus = Yes
Yw = Your welcome
zlap = Slap
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