Hey Fantagians,

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard talk of Fantage Japan. I recently found the artist and designer who adapted Fantage to create Fantage Japan. Back around 2010, Fantage, or part of the rights to Fantage was sold to Korean online gaming giant Nexon. Nexon created Fantage Japan which became REALLY popular with regular Fantagian’s from Fantage.com because on Fantage Japan you could get all the items that were rare on Fantage.com. As seen below, you could easily get dancing king/queen crowns, and items such as the Shamrock glasses which were extremely rare on regular Fantage.com at the time. It was also popular because you could create “rare” usernames (see “pony” in the image below). Maybe the best thing about Fantage Japan was that there were no Premium Members, everyone could get all the items.

Fantage Japan users
There were many available usernames on Fantage Japan that had already been taken on Fantage.Com

Another difference between Fantage and Fantage Japan was that the normal eyes were the anime eyes.

Fantage Japan Create Account
The character creator screen. Note the anime eyes are the first eyes.

You might be thinking, this sounds awesome, why doesn’t Fantage Japan exist now?
From what I understand, Fantage Japan became overrun by regular Fantage users who spoke English, meaning that the Japanese users didn’t know what was going on. Fantage Japan even tried to block Western users from creating accounts, but ultimately that didn’t work. So less than a year after it opened, they shut down Fantage Japan completely. It was probably because it wasn’t making much money from the users who were actually playing, and wasn’t popular with the Japanese players.

Here’s a video of how people used to create Fantage Japan accounts.

Here’s Sangyoung Han,  the artist I found on Behance. Check out his other work.

Fantage Japan Art

You can find out even more about Fantage Japan on the Fantage Wiki and 4gamer