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Fantage Throwbacks: Vintage Blogs 3

Hey Fantagians,

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but better late than never right?

To start off we have a blog run by Mace. Mace was a beta user who ran the Fantage Geek blog, a.k.a Mace’s Fantage Cheats. Mace was also a member of the Army of Fantage. Mace also started (as far as I can tell) the Fantage Forum. There’s not many people there anymore, but every so often people come back for some nostalgia.
Anyway, his main blog, Fantage Geek. Besides the regular reporting on Fantage events, Fantage Geek was one of the few blogs to feature Fantage SWFs. Mace and his friends were reasonably well known on Fantage around 2009/2010.

Fantage betas mace donut
Famous Friends
Fantage Mace Party
One of Mace’s party invitations.

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Fantage Throwbacks: Fantage Japan

Hey Fantagians,

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard talk of Fantage Japan. I recently found the artist and designer who adapted Fantage to create Fantage Japan. Back around 2010, Fantage, or part of the rights to Fantage was sold to Korean online gaming giant Nexon. Nexon created Fantage Japan which became REALLY popular with regular Fantagian’s from because on Fantage Japan you could get all the items that were rare on As seen below, you could easily get dancing king/queen crowns, and items such as the Shamrock glasses which were extremely rare on regular at the time. It was also popular because you could create “rare” usernames (see “pony” in the image below). Maybe the best thing about Fantage Japan was that there were no Premium Members, everyone could get all the items.

Fantage Japan users
There were many available usernames on Fantage Japan that had already been taken on Fantage.Com

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Fantage Throwbacks: Battle Rooms

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done this.

Going way back to January 2010 Fantage had their first “Color Battle”. It basically involved a room that you went into, and then there would be rounds where you pick an outfit from 1 or 2 choices that popped up. If the outfit you picked, was the same outfit that the majority of people picked, you won stars. This 2010 event was where your precious “Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Battle Tee”‘s came from.

Battle Tees.png

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Fantage Throwback: Comet & Co. Opening

Here, where we’re always reminiscing about “the good ol’ days”, every day is [Throw  back] Thursday.

So for our first throwback. I’d like to take you back to November 2009, and the opening of Comet & Co.

Bottom Left: Sameer1000 (Former Blogger)

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