Hey Fantagians,

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but better late than never right?

To start off we have a blog run by Mace. Mace was a beta user who ran the Fantage Geek blog, a.k.a Mace’s Fantage Cheats. Mace was also a member of the Army of Fantage. Mace also started (as far as I can tell) the Fantage Forum. There’s not many people there anymore, but every so often people come back for some nostalgia.
Anyway, his main blog, Fantage Geek. Besides the regular reporting on Fantage events, Fantage Geek was one of the few blogs to feature Fantage SWFs. Mace and his friends were reasonably well known on Fantage around 2009/2010.

Fantage betas mace donut
Famous Friends
Fantage Mace Party
One of Mace’s party invitations.


billybobFantage Boy was a blog started in 2008 which had some unique content that’s a good snapshot of how Fantage used to be. Fantage Boy was run by beta called billybob. One of his last posts was a guide to heart locations for a Valentine’s Day event on Fantage. You can see his post on the Easter items from 2009 and how the Comet changed.

Snack tac toe old.png
Who remembers Snack Tac Toe looking like this?

His last post was saying he was grounded and wouldn’t be back for a week. For all we know he could still be grounded because he never came back 😦


Fantage Community was a blog run by the beta Lane in 2008. There are only 3 posts, but it includes the 2008 Halloween. This is where the Pumpkin shirts originated. It has less than 2000 views and is from 9 years ago, you’d be super hipster if you go and check it out now 😉 Unfortunately there’s not much else to say about this blog.

Fantage Halloween Lane 2008.png
Pumpkin Top!


aguairFantage Z was a blog from early 2008 run by the betas aguair and canada. There’s even images of the original beta hats in the store. Again, not a lot to say here. There’s a bit to see if you visit the blog.
beta crowns


Sorry the blogs in this post are lacking description, but theres really not a lot to say about them. Just go check them out 🙂