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Haunted Halloween Event

Hey Fantagians,

Agnt007 here. The 2017 Fantage “Haunted Halloween” Event Part 1 and 2  have been released. Part 1 runs from 10/19 to 10/25, and part 2 runs from 10/26 to 11/1. It has become night time at The Beach, Uptown, Downtown, The Forest, and The Castle, with a halloween theme.

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In the part 1 limited cart are two different sets of limited items. The pumpkin set can be bought with Gold or Stars, and the other set can only be bought with Gold.

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In the part 2 limited cart are two different sets of limited items. The devil set can be bought with Gold or Stars, and the other set can only be bought with Gold.

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Part 1 of the event featured a stampbook where you had to log on each day to get a stamp. The first, third, and fifth stamps gave a prize.

Part 2 of the event featured the “Collecting Dice” Halloween Board Game. This game was also run in 2015 and 2016 with different prizes. Luckily Fantage seems to have fixed the glitches which once plagued this event. For this game you must complete the tasks set to obtain a dice. You then roll the dice and advance that number of places around the board. There are some small prizes for landing on specific spots on the board, as well as a medal for going around the board completely. The maximum level for this medal is 40. Cue Agnt007 going on a maths tangent.

The board is 24 tiles long. There are 7 days to this event. You can get a maximum of 5 free dice per day. The maximum number of spots you can move per dice roll is 6 (obviously because it's a six sided die). So 6 spots x 5 rolls x 7 days = A maximum of 342 spots moved for free over this event *if* you rolled a 6 every single time. 342spots/24spots per level = 14 Levels for free over the event. To MAX the medal: 24 Spots x 40 Levels = 960 Spots. 960/6 = 160 rolls of the number 6 on the dice to max level. Over the event you get a maximum of 35 Dice (5 dice x 7 days). 160 - 35 = 125 extra dice that need to be bought with gold. 5 Dice costs 1000 Gold. 125/5 = 25 Purchases. 25 x 1000 = 25000 Gold. So in conclusion, to max the level of this event, if your dice does land on 6 every single time (which it doesn't), you would need to spend 25,000 Gold as well as get all of the free dice. That's one expensive medal.

The prizes for going around the board are here:

Halloween 2017 Girls PrizeHalloween 2017 Boys Prize

Agnt007 Dracula


New Rares October 2017

Hey Fantagians,

Fantage released 4 new rare items this week.


October 2017 Rares.png

Hair – Mythical (Black Diamonds)

Outfit – Legendary  (Diamonds)

Shoes – Rare (Sapphires)

Board – Mythical (Black Diamonds)

I think the hairs look a bit weird, but the bright colors are fun. What do you think?

Meow, It’s A Kitty Event!

Hey Fantagians,

Gia here, I know I’ve been absent of late and I apologize. School and Tennis have been keeping me pretty busy. FYI, being a Junior is not fun. I logged in today and was like WOAH….. an event?  Was this advertised?  Then I got to looking around and realized, I could not make sense of anything.

So I’ll just post what Fantage has:

Basically the cart and event info can be found Uptown and Downtown. The instructions take you to the forest, though I am not sure why.

Usually, if you are sent to the forest it means items appear there every so often and you must stand around to collect them. This does not seem to be the case with this event. However, when you click to the forest you are met by a huge orange cat stuck in a tree.


Clicking on the Cat will give you directions. The goal of this event is to collect 20 fish to feed the Cat. The fish can be found anywhere in Fantage.  The number of fish you have caught appears on the yellow fish, if you purchased the LIMITED set you are allowed 5 fish per day, if not you can only catch 3 fish per day which means you must catch fish everyday of the event. UNLESS, you buy the fish for 3,000 GOLD. You could always just purchase the 20 fish for a total of 60,000 GOLD and be done with the whole event.

What I don’t understand is why put out fish in every storefront if you are only allowed to catch 3-5 fish per day. I also cannot figure out what the CAT in the tree does. This is the message you will get after you’ve caught your limit.

cant buy fish

Once you’ve gotten 20 fish, you will receive this medal and “Kitty Toy” accessory

Kitty Rescue 2017 Prize.png

Onto the items:

Can we please pull the hair down, omg!

limited cartKitty Rescue Boys Limiteds




New October PM Gift

Hey Fantagians,

The new Premium Member gift for October is out now. Premium Members can get their brand new free blue/orange umbrella from the sign at Downtown between the Le Shop and Stellar Salon.

PM Gift October 17
PM Gift October 17 GIrl


New Shop Items

Hey Fantagians,

This week Fantage has released new items in Le Shop, Stellar Salon, and Loco Boardz.

Le Shop September 17Loco Boardz September 17Stellar Salon September 17

Hey Fantage, how about some new costumes and furniture!

Featured Fantagian: DMJ (Jalil)

This weeks Featured Fantagian is DMJ!DMJ Avatar DMJ is a Fantage Instagrammer who does Fantage Art. He has won a number of Fantage Art contests, and most recently he was a winner in the User Inspired Items Robot contest. This means he had his items made on Fantage. Congratulations DMJ!

DMJ Robots
DMJ’s Original Drawing
DMJ Fantage Robots
Fantage’s Creation of DMJ’s Items

Continue reading “Featured Fantagian: DMJ (Jalil)”

User Inspired Limited Items: Robots

Hey Fantagians,

This week four new sets of user inspired items were released. All the items were robot themed.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 3.29.46 pm

Congratulations to Ruilin, DMJ, Eewoo, and Shcta for having their items made!

The Limited Sets 2 and 4 can only be bought with Gold. However Premium Member can buy Sets 1 and 3 with Gold OR Stars.

Robot User Inspired Limiteds 1
Ruilin and DMJ’s Male items
Robot User Inspired Limiteds 2
Eewoo and Shcta’s Male items
Robot User Inspired Limiteds 3
Ruilin and DMJ’s Female items
Robot User Inspired Limiteds 4
Eewoo and Shcta’s Female items

Free Premium Member Week

Hey Fantagians,

This week on Fantage is free Premium Member week. This means that everybody on Fantage automatically becomes a member for the duration of the event. Everyone can get member levels, buy member items with stars, use member eyes, redeem the Free Premium Member Item (Located at Downtown between Le Shop and Stellar Salon), etc.

Unfortunately the Membership status DOES NOT apply to MyMall. People who were non-members will not be able to buy or sell from MyMall during this week.

Free PM Week Description

Keep in mind that most of the Premium items and levels you acquire during this week will be unavailable to use when you become a non-member again. If you’d like to continue using your items, they will become available again when you buy Premium Membership.


Game of Thrones Limited Exclusives

Hey Fantagians!

Fantage has released a new Limited Exclusive set of items with a Game of Thrones Theme. The male character is based off Jon Snow, and the female character is based off Daenerys Targaryen. The board they’re sitting on is the Iron Throne.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.30.18 am44a25d2caa172f29e3d1228b7c67a6d3--girl-crushes-mother-of-dragonsScreen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.29.30 amJon-Snow-Die-Again-Game-Thrones

Hair: 8000 Gold
Outfit: 12000 Gold
Crown: 7000 Gold
Sword: 10000 Gold
Iron Throne: 20000 Gold

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