2010, I was 9 yrs old when I started playing Fantage. I wasn’t really a lonely child and I didn’t have a bad home life. There really wasn’t a reason I was drawn to this virtual world that it became such a huge part of me.  As I got older I did notice some differences between me and other kids.  I was more responsible, I didn’t do stupid things. I wasn’t into dating or drugs or causing trouble and because of that I found myself to be a social outcast, but I didn’t mind really. My cousin and I bonded over this game after I introduced him to it.

I actually don’t know how I feel about it closing but what am I sure of is that the game could of closed down sooner if not for the workers and company who knew how much the kids wanted this game. I am so tired of hearing everyone say Fantage is greedy or all about money, when so many players are guilty of breeding the greed.  When a player is willing to do anything to get an item by scamming, hacking or duping that is greed at its finest. When money is being transferred to other players by Paypal to dupe items, that is greed.  When players hack or scam people they called friends without concern, that is greed.

Even now that Fantage is closing, there are still players on Instagram selling their accounts or selling gold and items. It’s over! Let it go! Presently, there are players who are trying to create a private server of Fantage and under the posts people are still asking about items. VIRTUAL ITEMS! These items have zero worth. ZERO!

I was probably the most visible and accesible royal, so visible and approachable I made being royalty and having a high level mean nothing. That was always the way it should have been. In my Fantage, there was no difference between nons and mems, I didn’t choose friends because of their levels or their items.

Now, I just feel numb. I honestly do not know who to feel bad for. The players who have lost their virtual world, that some used as an escape, the workers who have spent countless hours creating events and artwork to keep the world updated and listening to all your complaints year after year and are now without a job, or maybe, both. None of you seem to care about this, all you cared about was items.

Yes, I cared about items and levels but I earned my items and my levels and that is why they meant so much to me, because I earned them. I spent a ton of money and time on this game, because I supported the game and the employees. I would not change one thing. I was happy to give back what little I could in return for the enjoyment it provided me. I made awesome friends, so every minute was worth it.  So many times I heard players say, but my parents wont give me money. I remember when I first started playing and my mom wouldn’t give me money but I wanted the items so bad except I would have to earn so many stars. I had a choice, earn the stars to get the items or not get the items. I never begged other players for ecoins or memberships. I didn’t cry when I saw beta players with cool items I was in awe of them. Eventually, I convinced my mom that spending money on a game was better than spending money on material items because it didn’t take up space and also it kept me in the house and not out getting into trouble. As long as I kept my straight A’s and continued doing my sports it really was a win win deal. Now that I make my own money, I don’t even need my moms help.

When TNS came out I bought all those items that I was so in awe of and in the end they did not make me happy. I am not innocent of any wrong doing by any means but hacking, duping, or scamming people was just morally wrong.  I saw what the items did to people and I slowly watched the Fantage I knew die a slow death. I said, every day, that I would do anything to go back, and I’d give back every item I got from TNS if I could change the outcome. So here we are, and this is only my first rant which is coming from a place of sadness, anger, and regret. Feel free to comment.