This is a compilation of treasure hunters answers. Treasure Hunters is located at “The Island” on the left side. There is a trick to a lot of these. Some (e.g. Eagle and Jet) are almost perfectly symmetrical vertically or horizontally.


th7TH1Screenshot_25Screenshot_30! 2th2Screenshot_24Screenshot_31Screenshot_23th5TH Crescent MoonTH LoveTH UFOTH CrabScreenshot_29th8th6th-shopping-cart

TH OwlTH Basketball NetScreenshot_28Screenshot_26Screenshot_27th3

TH PyramidcamelTH DiceTH JetTH BananaBayonTH Angkor Watsnowmansantataj mahalScreenshot_32th-friend-eggth-juiceth-priestth-wizard

TH Eaglereindeergoldfishpirate shiphorsebackchickenbycycle

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Here are my solutions: Gianna4125