This is a compilation of Treasure Hunters answers. Treasure Hunters is located at “The Island” on the left side. There is a trick to a lot of these. Some (e.g. Eagle and Jet) are almost perfectly symmetrical vertically or horizontally.


TH FTH ATH NScreenshot_30TH G 1TH E21.pngTH Battery.pngScreenshot_24TH SuitcaseTH WiFITH Question MarkTH ArrowTH HandbagScreenshot_23TH Dog 2.pngTH CameraTH ComputerTH TVTH T ShirtTH PlugTH DocumentTH Padlock.pngTH JoytickTH Crescent Moonth-shopping-cartTH Music NoteTH ChickTH RabbitTH Camel 2.pngTH LoveTH Acorn.pngTH WatchTH Lego BrickTH GhostTH SkeletonTH PumpkinTH EnvelopeTH ShoesTH BatteryTH HotdogTH ScaleTH Rabbit 2TH WhaleTH CrabTH UFOTH BookTH HangarTH MicrowaveTH Pot

th3Screenshot_27TH UmbrellaTH CrownTH Run.pngScreenshot_28TH HouseScreenshot_26th5TH Mountain GoatTH Snail 2TH LobsterTH OwlTH DuckTH Video CameraTH Basketball NetTH CatTH AlarmTH Grad HatTH PigTH Jellyfish.png

screenshot_32.pngTH ClockTH Pencil.pngTH Cat 2TH BearTH DecorTH Tea TimeTH DragonflyTH Gold Fish

TH DiceTH Banana

TH Talk.pngTH Goat.pngTH PenguinTH Pig 2th-juiceth-friend-eggth-priestth-wizardbayon.pngtaj mahalcamel.pngTH PyramidTH Angkor Watsnowman.pngsanta.pngTH Jet

goldfishpirate shipchickenbycycle

horsebackreindeerTH Eagle

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