Fantage is ending.paperboy

After just 10 big years. To me, it’s been a truly amazing thing. Today, June 26th 2018, I have literally been playing Fantage for exactly half my life. You could say it’s been a significant part of my life. It’s always just been there. I’m not sure why I was so captivated by Fantage. Or really why I stuck with it the whole time. I guess it got to a point where it was just pure stubbornness to see it out (and a few good friends along the way). I like completion, and now it’s complete 😐

Fantage’s closure was inevitable, I’d been predicting each year since 2014 that it would be Fantage’s “last year”, turns out this year (just 4 years off) I was right. The writing had been on the wall for Fantage for a long time now. Player numbers show that Fantage peaked in August 2011. There were a lot of little indications. Events became very repetitive, they stopped updating the reporter assignments, they stopped making missions, they released a “dabtastic” event, they stopped updating the Comet Newsletter, friendship bracelets broke, I could go on and on, but that’s not really what this is about. I would note that I don’t think Fantage employees can be held accountable for all these things, it was much bigger than that. I won’t even discuss Trade’n’Sell or MyMall because everyone else has (including me in this post), but it almost certainly irreversibly changed the community and the way Fantage was played. Unfortunately, Fantage wasn’t always perfect.

Despite this, Fantage benefited me, and so many of its other players. People met amazing friends, often friendships which extended outside of Fantage, many of which will long outlive Fantage.
Others used Fantage as an escape. I’ve heard many stories of Fantage providing happiness, community, and belonging, particularly for people who were having a tough time in their real life.
So many people were inspired by and used Fantage as a creative outlet. Ever since the beginning, Fantagians have been writing blogs, creating art, making music videos, animations and more. Fantage has nurtured hobbies and interests, some of which have even turned into careers. I think all of this is something really special that should be remembered, regardless of anything else that happened with Fantage.

I’d like to thank everybody who made Fantage everything that it was. The owners, the employees, the people who played the beta, all the players who were the community, the people who bought premium membership, the bloggers, the YouTubers, the Instagrammers, the artists, my buddies, my close friends, Fantagians.

Thank you all for a wonderful decade and a Fantastic Age 🙂

~Agnt007 James-Bond-WinkSigning outGobbles!!!

Share below how Fantage has influenced you. What was your favorite Fantage memory?