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It’s been so long!

Hey Fantagians,

It’s me Gia, I miss Fantage so much sometimes. I visit Insta every so often and noticed that there was chit chat about a game being made. I haven’t had a chance to log in and check it out because college sucks the life out of you. It’s been a difficult adjustment being so far from home, a plane ride away. College is way better than high school FYI. I’ll check out the game and give my thoughts when I get a chance. In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.


Fantage Private Server!

Players in the community are attempting to create a private Fantage server before Fantage closes on June 30. If successful it would effectively allow Fantage to live beyond June 30 2018, and be run by different people.

The project is called “Fantage Legacy Edition”, and an update video about it can be seen here.

This project is related to the #allin hashtag you may have seen on Instagram. Please check it out, share your thoughts about it with us.

They recently joined WordPress also

Disclaimer: Fantagian and its authors are not endorsing anything outside of Fantage.

This post is for informational purposes only.

The Generosity of Fantage

Even during the best days of Fantage all you’d hear about from their users is how gReEdY Fantage is. Everyone loves to blame the big guy and no one likes to take accountability. Users loved to break the rules, play unfairly and then curse the site when they lost the features that allowed them to easily, greedily take advantage of it.

Now Fantage wasn’t perfect, it had it’s money-grabbing moments much like literally every other business of it’s kind, but I wanted to make a post making light of just how generous Fantage was to their entitled userbase, even as users took advantage and exploited their site.

Continue reading “The Generosity of Fantage”

Northern Lights Event

Let’s get right into it and break down this new event on Fantage!

northern-lights-info Continue reading “Northern Lights Event”

New Year’s Giveaway!


Hello Fantagian readers! To celebrate the new year, I’ll be giving away $25 Karma Koin codes to two lucky participants! They can be used to make purchases on Fantage. Continue reading “New Year’s Giveaway!”

Cookie Collecting: Cookie Jar Event

Surprise! I hope you’ve recovered from Thanksgiving dinner because it’s time for dessert with Fantage’s new event. This time, it’s all about cookies! That’s right, cookies.

cookie jar banner.png Continue reading “Cookie Collecting: Cookie Jar Event”

Styling: July PM Gift!

For this post we’ll be looking at some cute styling options for the Premium gift of July!july pm gift Continue reading “Styling: July PM Gift!”

Fourth Of July 2017

Fantage is ready for Independence Day!


Continue reading “Fourth Of July 2017”

Butterfly Catch


Fantage is back again with another event! Continue reading “Butterfly Catch”

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