Surprise! I hope you’ve recovered from Thanksgiving dinner because it’s time for dessert with Fantage’s new event. This time, it’s all about cookies! That’s right, cookies.

cookie jar banner.pngSo let’s take a look at these new limited items!cookie limited items-2

thx agnt
Lookin’ like a christmas cookie qt

Here we have a really sweet set of items available. I absolutely adore the ribbon and I love how it’s separate from the hair. I’m sure it’ll go really well with other hairs. I styled it to make a cute Christmas outfit. Once again Agnt’s year-round Christmas home comes in handy.

We also get a cookie accessory and board. It’s not the first cookie accessory, but it’s still cool. Wearing these items will give you a better chance of earning cookies from playing puzzle games.

You earn cookies at random from playing puzzle games, but as of now they can be bought for free. If you click to buy the cookies for 2000, you won’t be charged. As nice as it sounds to get rewarded with cookies for my strategic puzzle expertise, nothing beats free cookies. (EDIT: It’s fixed! No more free cookies.)

Buying the cookies will only get you 10 levels, but if you’re a premium member your level will be doubled after earning one by playing the games several times.

cookie jar medal
It is I, the cookie connoisseur!

Ok, I’ll stop now. What are your thoughts on this event? Let us know in the comments!