Hey guys,

Gia here!  It’s that time of year, and I am so happy I do not have to wait by a Christmas tree all day! So here is a quick run down of the event.

xmas event 2018

The Limited Items Cart!

xmas items 2018

The Find Elfie mission and prizes. You are given a clue about every few minutes and you simply go to the place and the Elf is standing there. Once you click on him you will receive snowflakes to collect to buy prizes or a medal. The PM medal goes to 20 and the NM medal goes to 10.

Almost all the prizes are from previous years except maybe the first row. I DO NOT know what that first prize is but I  bought it and got nothing.

xmas elfie 2018

It’s also Double Gold with a twist. If you purchase Gold or a Membership you will get a present from Fantage.  I have to admit, I will be running out for some Karma cards because that top is super cute.  I only showed the girl presents, hopefully one of the guys will post the guy stuff. I am not 100% this is the board for the present, it’s just a guess. It is very cute also.

xmas gold special 2018

Hope you enjoy this post and keep checking on here or Instagram for an upcoming Xmas giveaway contest.