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Fantage Flamingo Styled


I’m here today to show you how I have styled the “Katr135’s Flamingo” Continue reading “Fantage Flamingo Styled”

Graduation Event

Schools out! (for most people I assume) and Fantage has gifted us with a new graduation event!

grad4 Continue reading “Graduation Event”

New Event Items

The new items for the event are super cute! I’ve styled a few, here they are…




The New Lims are for nons!?

you purchaged

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friendly-Neighbor-Kat ™ here with a little PSA:

As of right now (9:06 pacific standard time, 5/10/17) all new mother’s day limited items can be bought with *stars*…. even if you are a non. 

All y’all nons, I recommend hurrying and getting all the ones you want before fantage potentially fixes this.

(I am very not sure if this intended or not- so be wary)


New (Minor) but important Mymall Updates

It had seemed like Fantage reopened Mymall with no changes but a few have been found recently.

They Include:


The gold to ecoin exchange booth is no longer in place. Personally I think this is a fair change because gold can be used interchangeably with ecoins;the machine was doing more harm then good (i.e. “hackers” using it to get rid of “hacked” account’s gold).


Non members can no longer buy items from Mymall. Ah, slowly but surely The Smart-People-Who-Run-Fantage™ are pushing Non-Members to buy membership, by stripping away their rights one at a time. I guess, this is understandable ( Fantage wants to make money) although it is a slight inconvenience to it’s players, who now have to pay every month to enjoy one of Fantage’s main attractions. Oh well. 

What do you think of the new changes? Do you think they should have added more/  or not changed anything at all?

– Friendly Neighbor Kat

mmmm ( also the “Best Buyer” list’s avatar is messed up right now, enjoy for a week)


Users who has been recently hacked

Hey guys. I heard there is a hacker on Fantage. If you have been hacked lately and you have never ever ever shared your password. Please comment your username below with a brief story on what was taken or went missing.  We here at Fantagian will pass the info along. Do not leave any personal info, such as payment info. That would be unsafe. Your username is sufficient. 


So far, these ppl below seem to have been hacked. 













— Finding more soon —


New Sophia Q-Blast Items: Styled

Once again, fantage has brought us more of Sophia’s “exclusive” items.

They are pretty cute, if you ask me. Here is a few of them styled:


My favorite outfit is the first one, I love the jungle theme and detail of the board.

I also found some fantagains around that styled them pretty well:



World record Dabfest!

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