Schools out! (for most people I assume) and Fantage has gifted us with a new graduation event!


How the event works is, everyday when you log in if you go to both the Palm and the Cruise you get stamps. If you get all the stamps from every day that the event lasts, you get a medal and a gift! (Medal and gift shown below)


grad5   Personally I think these are both super cute!

The two party rooms are pretty decked out as well:


When you arrive in the “Dance Party” room your avatar is shown wearing a 2017 graduation gown!

Lastly,  the items: grad3

Both swimsuits are very well done, I’m impressed! I wish I had enough gold for the red one…

I want to hear from you guys, what are your thoughts on the event? Did you like it, or was there something that you think should be improved? Comment your thoughts down below!

~Friendly neighbor kat ™