Our official open date for Fantagian.com will be Valentine’s day!!!

Why Valentine’s day?  Well, Agnt007 and I started this blog to show some love ❤ to Fantage, so I guess it’s fitting our official date is 2/14/16.

There are so many Fantage blogs, how will we be different?  I am hoping that we successfully bring some old and new Fantage together. Our blog will never post anything that takes away from Fantage, in other words you will never find any negative comments about Fantage or Fantagians.  We want this to be a positive blog.

Keep reading to hear about surprises 🙂

I love surprises  and we have some in store for everyone!!!!! According to our stats we have had a decent start. Almost 1000 views and 30 ish followers. I want to reward our blog followers and loyal Fantage players.

How do I do that?  Giveaways of course! Whenever our stats hit certain milestones, one of our followers will win a prize. I will notify the winner personally.

I have a special RAFFLE planned for people who purchase or remain a FANTAGE MEMBER on  VALENTINE’S DAY.  More news on that later.

And our final plan for the near future will be to host a PARTY on Fantage. In years gone by, bloggers and Youtubers would host parties on Fantage where Fantagians would come to hang out and get to chat with someone that they know on Youtube, WordPress, or Instagram.

If my fellow Fantagians have any suggestions for this blog please comment your idea, if we use it, you get a huge shoutout.

Thanks for joining us!

Agnt007 & Gianna4125