Gosh, I really miss Fantage 2010/2011.  I was such a newb!  I used to walk around just trying to make friends, any friends. I played adoption center, Val tryouts (anyone remember those?)  school and various other role playing activities. Eventually, I made friends and we would hang out together downtown or at the Fashion Show place. I recall seeing other members walking by with items that I could never have and although I secretly wished I could. There was certain level of respect and awe.

Fast forward to TRADE & SELL… the excitement! Woah, I can finally get those items I’ve always wanted. Then everything changed. Greed became a huge factor, I often wonder who was the first person that decided that scamming people was OK.  Players started selling items for outrageous prices, deceiving friends to get passwords and mining old beta accts for their own benefit. It was awful, but it seemed no one cared. Trade & Sell was closed shortly after due to the complications and the abundance of Ecoins and stars in everyone accounts. People were offered refunds of what they’d spent in T&S, leaving some players with MILLIONS of ECoins and stars.

Then Vintage Gold, I understand why they created Vintage Gold, but I really disliked it because I think after what happened with T&S no Fantagians deserved any more kindness. Vintage Gold was a way for Fantagians to get the items they wanted, and spend their excess Ecoins and stars. But this didnt quite succeed. Between the excess from T&S and giving them out for free, there were just too many ECoins around. Fantage needed to have people buying their premium currency, or they wouldn’t be able to run the website. The answer was to bring back an improved version of T&S, but there was no way they could use ECoins. Gold was the answer to their issues. Gold created an even playing field. Players who wanted items would buy it from Fantage, Fantage could take a tax on Gold, making sure that whatever Gold was spent, some would disappear from Fantage, guaranteeing that the market would not become oversaturated as it did with ECoins. Gold also guaranteed that MyMall would not start with ridiculous prices, but it did anyway.

ECoins, and now Gold are a huge part of Fantage’s finances. It’s how computers and equipment are bought. It’s how the artists and designers are paid. When I hear people complain about Fantage and it’s workers it’s really sad to me. They do so much behind the scenes that people don’t realise. They have to support themselves and sometimes their families. When people complain endlessly about how someone stole their BB or CC hair because they gave out their email or password, they need to realise that there are far larger problems all Fantage staff are handling at the time. People want Fantage to replace all 50 items that were taken from them straight away. Despite the fact that it was their fault in the first place! Do you ever wonder why you never hear these scamming or hacking complaints from higher level players? It’s because we do not share our info! So when something happens to your account, and it was you who chose  to share your information with the wrong people, or chose to trade, think about whether your issue is the most important thing in the world to the people who run the site you love. I’m sure, if you give them time, and approach them in a relaxed manner, they’ll be far more likely to help you as soon as they can.  Imagine if you or your mom or dad went to work everyday and didn’t get paid.  Memberships, Ecoin purchases, Gold purchases and Tax all become some kind of income to keep the business running. 

That is my rant for today!  Tomorrow’s rant will continue with MY MALL!!!