Some of you may not realise Fantage has had 3 different types of IDFone through time.

The first was the ID Card. It featured your username and avatar on the front, as well as your stars, level and whether you’re a premium member. On the back it featured your medals.

Next was the IDFone. It looked like a slide up phone. The main new feature is the option to have a background, and phone skin (cover/case). There was also a new “Stickers Tab”, as Stickers were introduced around the same time. Fun fact, if you customised this IDFone, you can still view the skin and background you had on the “Fantage IDFone” App for iOS.

Fantage IDFone 2.png

Finally, there’s the IDFone we have now. Along with all of the previous feature, this IDFone added “Apps” such as “Starblaze”(Similar to Staries) and your Photo Album, as well as a button to transport you to your farm. This IDFone has the option to let others get to know you better.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.27.53 PM
IDFone Apps