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Fantagian Farewell Party!

farewell party.gif

Come celebrate Fantage with the Fantagian team! We’re hosting a party to celebrate the legacy of Fantage and we’d like nothing more than for all Fantagians to join us. Continue reading “Fantagian Farewell Party!”

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year Fantagians!

Fantage has made it to 2017! There a bunch of new items, the ball drop, and another double gold sale with special items.

There a lot of new items. The free New Years item is the “2017 Glasses”. Some of the new items can only be obtained through the gold sale.

For $50 Boys get “New Year Outfit” and Girls get “New Year Sequin Dress”
For $20 Boys get “New Year Comb Over” and Girls get “New Year Wavy Hair”
For $10 Boys get “New Year Loafers” and Girls get “New Year High Heels”

Limited Cart
Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.40.34 pm.png
At the Ball Drop, Happy New Year!

Have an awesome 2017 everybody.

Fantage Rescue Elfie Event!

Hey Fantagians,

So Fantage released the “Happy Holidays 2016” event. The main part of it is called “Rescue Elfie” which is the same as last year’s holiday event “Runaway Rudolph”. Here is a preview of the items for this event.

holidayitems1My favorite items are the top and the snowflake. Here’s the Limited Cart with prices of each item.


Leave a comment down below on your favorite item from this event!


Pizza Party 2016

Hey Fantagians,

The Pizza Party is here with a game, a medal, and limited items. I think this event looks pretty good, even if it is a little light on for content. The graphics are top notch, and you have to remember someone at Fantage has drawn all of these pizzas and things. The game is similar to previous event games where there was ice cream topping or something similar and you have to make a customers order. If you play enough games (they’re 60 seconds per game) you will get a slice of Pizza, get 8 slices of Pizza and you get a medal. I’ll leave the Limiteds to our fashion authors, but I have to say I love the Pizza Slice Accessory and a new moustache.

Pizza Party 2016
Pizza Chaos Game
Pizza Chaos Game


Pizza at Cafeteria



Pizza Limiteds
Limiteds Cart


Pizza Slices

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 6.00.23 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-04 at 6.00.44 PM


Exciting News!!

Our official open date for will be Valentine’s day!!!

Why Valentine’s day?  Well, Agnt007 and I started this blog to show some love ❤ to Fantage, so I guess it’s fitting our official date is 2/14/16.

There are so many Fantage blogs, how will we be different?  I am hoping that we successfully bring some old and new Fantage together. Our blog will never post anything that takes away from Fantage, in other words you will never find any negative comments about Fantage or Fantagians.  We want this to be a positive blog.

Keep reading to hear about surprises 🙂

Continue reading “Exciting News!!”

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