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Whoops, we were a bit slow posting this¬†ūüė≥

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.55.23 pm.png

To get a fast time you should plant as many carrots as possible 4 hours before you open your grid. Good luck!

General Bingo Guide
Bobo Fish Guide


Bingo! Where have you been?

Hi guys,

It’s Gia,

I know I’ve been slacking on Bingo, it’s just I’m not sure who reads this stuff anymore. So here is this weeks Bingo board below.

bingo today

For starters I am grateful there is no Book It, however Putt Putt takes forever as does Dance Fever. Type Boo, Bullseye, Memory Mixup, Rocket Board, and Go Kart are simple scoring games. I suggest you plant the Corn first before starting bingo so you can harvest right away and plant 2 more. There is not much you can do about the 1 hour Soybean thing unless you speed it up with friends or nons.  Good luck!


Bingo 3/27

Hey guys Gia here,

I’ve been really busy but I am back with Bingo again! Plant your¬†wheat first then start bingo and harvest right away¬†for a better time, if you care about that kind of thing.¬† Helps to have someone speed the last 2 up also, so before midnight and after midnight is the best. I really dislike Fish Fish cuz it lags so I’ll probably bribe agnt007 to do mine, tee hee. Do the “!” in Treasure Hunters it’s the easiest.


August 1st Bingo Grid

I am back from vacation. OMGERD! I truly dislike Book It, *screams……* Carrots take 4 hours so I suggest planting 2 first before midnight and speeding them up before and after midnight.

august grid




Here is the new Bingo grid, for whatever reason it wasn’t working yesterday. Remember to plant soybeans before starting bingo, wait till they are grown to start then plant 2 more cause there is only 18 plots. The rest seems pretty simple. I hope Tanagrams¬†is covered for me because it makes me sleepy.

Bingo Bonanza!

Ready to play bingo? ENTER below for a chance to win 10,000 gold.  All you gotta do is play and make TOP 100 so I can see the time. You are not competing against other players just ppl who enter my contest. I will be checking times tomorrow AM. I will put out the list of winners at the end. 1 winner peer week.


Bingo Bonanza!

No clue what was up with Bingo this weeks but it actually opens now. If you wanna play comment below. I will be checking your times at about 10am tomorrow. Winner gets 10,000 Gold. Good Luck!  Hint: Plant your corn before you even open bingo and do not open bingo till corn is ready!


Bingo Bonanza! Starts 5/30/16

School is out! For the next 5 weeks I’ll be holding a contest, involving my Favorite game. Every Monday a new Bingo Board is posted. Whoever joins my game gets a chance to win 10,000 Gold every week. Rules are below.

1.) Your must enter by commenting your user name below today and commit to playing the entire 5 weeks. Game must be played the day bingo is released. I will check scores at 7am Tuesday mornings.

2.) You time must appear on the Bingo board with the username you commented with, you cannot use alternate accounts.

3.) Winners will be decided by time of completion.

4.) You are competing against each other not the rest of Fantage.

5.) No Fantagian .com Authors can join.


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