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Bingo Grid 5/9/16

Here’s this weeks Bingo Grid and already I see Book It which means it’s gonna be an awful grid  for me as Book It is my nemesis. 😦


Bingo Grid 5/2/16

Here’s the new grid Yipee! Remember to plant the corn before you start and if you do Wild brainies and have trouble getting to 70 try the 3rd level of addition.


Bingo Grid 4/25

I really like doing bingo it’s the only fun I have left here. 🙂 That Pearly Pop is my nemesis but I’ve been practicing . For Magic Pop just move your fellow to the right of the screen and hold down that space bar. Repeat for all stages!



Bingo Grid 4/18

Bingo! BoBo Fish & Math Links, OML!  Not a good grid for me 😦


Bingo Grid 4/11/16

New bingo grid. Yay!  JK  Anyhow there is no easy way around this one that I can tell because carrots take 4 hours and soybeans take 1 hour. There are 18 grids and you need 40 soybeans so you have to plant 3 times, therefore I cannot see anyone finishing in under an hour unless they plant before midnight speed them up before and after midnight but then you cant speed the second set up much. IDK  If you have any secrets please tell me. The rest is easy though 😦



Bingo Grid week of 3/28/16

Hey guys it’s Gia with the BINGO grid.


As you know you should always harvest first then plant so make sure you plant those wheat before you start bingo.

From experience, or at least mine, 40,000 in Pearly Pop is difficult so I’ll be using the ask a friend feature for help with this one. LOL

For Treasure Hunters I suggest doing the easiest puzzle which is the “!” mark.

The rest should be cake.

Have fun!


Bingo Grid week of 3/20/16

Here is the new Bingo Grid. I know you were all excited and waiting for me to post it. LOL


Wow! Another easy one, anyone wanna join me doing this?

Bingo 3/14

Yay! The Bingo Grid is back to MONDAY!


Plant 15 Clovers, hmm! This clover event last until the 17th so I guess you have 3 days to do bingo, since the clover will be gone. There are Lucky clovers to be harvested also. This board seems easy enough.


Bingo for 3/8/16

Seems as if Bingo has moved to Tuesday, anyhow, here is the bingo grid, enjoy!


Soybeans take 1 hour so plant those first BEFORE you start bingo, don’t start till they can be harvested. Speed at least 2 of them up if you can because there is only 18 plots. After you harvest them plant Carrots but speed 2 up so you can plant 2 more quite quickly.

To get that score in Wild Brainies do Addition III (Level 3)

If you are not good in Art Smarts, just do what I do. Open a separate screen and type in the artist name under images if the painting comes up then you have your answer.

Magic POP move your character to the far right (your right) corner on the screen and hold your hand on the space bar. That’s it, repeat for all rounds.

Have fun!


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