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Bingo! Where have you been?

Hi guys,

It’s Gia,

I know I’ve been slacking on Bingo, it’s just I’m not sure who reads this stuff anymore. So here is this weeks Bingo board below.

bingo today

For starters I am grateful there is no Book It, however Putt Putt takes forever as does Dance Fever. Type Boo, Bullseye, Memory Mixup, Rocket Board, and Go Kart are simple scoring games. I suggest you plant the Corn first before starting bingo so you can harvest right away and plant 2 more. There is not much you can do about the 1 hour Soybean thing unless you speed it up with friends or nons.  Good luck!


Bingo Grid for 4/4/16

New Bingo Grid. Yay!


I suggest you plant corn before you start, they only take 2 min to grow and you need 30. The roses take 10 min and you need 25 so you have enough time to do rest of grid. The rest are time wasters as I call them. Have fun! BTW we are almost at 100 followers. Woot!

~Gianna Continue reading “Bingo Grid for 4/4/16”

Bingo for 3/8/16

Seems as if Bingo has moved to Tuesday, anyhow, here is the bingo grid, enjoy!


Soybeans take 1 hour so plant those first BEFORE you start bingo, don’t start till they can be harvested. Speed at least 2 of them up if you can because there is only 18 plots. After you harvest them plant Carrots but speed 2 up so you can plant 2 more quite quickly.

To get that score in Wild Brainies do Addition III (Level 3)

If you are not good in Art Smarts, just do what I do. Open a separate screen and type in the artist name under images if the painting comes up then you have your answer.

Magic POP move your character to the far right (your right) corner on the screen and hold your hand on the space bar. That’s it, repeat for all rounds.

Have fun!


Bingo Grid 2/8/16

This weeks bingo features everyones favourite time wasting game: Book It or Bucket!
I’m happy Splash is in there, but don’t expect any super speedy times like last week.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.47.43 AM.png

General Bingo Guide

Hey Fantagians,

I know a lot of people struggle to be bothered to do the Bingo Grid, but on the off chance you DO want to complete it, I’ve put a guide together. Read on! Continue reading “General Bingo Guide”

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