New Bingo Grid. Yay!


I suggest you plant corn before you start, they only take 2 min to grow and you need 30. The roses take 10 min and you need 25 so you have enough time to do rest of grid. The rest are time wasters as I call them. Have fun! BTW we are almost at 100 followers. Woot!


P.S. Off topic, but you should never let anyone make you feel as though they are more important than YOU because they aren’t. 100% of time they aren’t worth your time, energy or feeling.  It’s hard to let them go, but no matter how many chances you give them they will never be the person you thought they were or want them to be. Somehow, someway you just have to find a way to start seeing them for who they really are. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your success and when you get to where you are going, never look back. Flip your hair and be like ” sorry, do I know you!”.