Everyone asks me the same question, so I’m gonna answer it finally! How did I level so fast slowly?

1.) Stop socializing

2.) Just pick a medal and do it to completion

3.) enlist your buddies to join you so you are not so bored.

4.) spend lots of money.

I will start this series one medal at a time.

The game medal is maxed at 96. How can you max this medal in less than a day?

1.) Log into lowest server

2.) Pick a game and score in top 3 to get 2 levels, you must score in top ten to get at least one level

3.) Some games are rarely played especially on low servers so when you go to look at high score you will see dashes instead. These are the best games to play because you can score low and still end up top 3.

4.) Now that Fantage has grouped the games together it’s so much easier to just choose a place and play all the games there.

Picks and hints below: