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Hamster Event!

Hello, everyone! Today, I will be writing about a brand new event on Fantage! Screenshot_20170728-163358The Hamster Paradise was recently launched, and appears to be quite similar to the past Unicorn events. The rules are fairly simple. Players earn levels and prizes simply for spending time on Fantage! To speed up this process, players also have the option to use gems, which provide a time boost which differs based on the rarity of the gem used. If you’re like me, and have a lot of gems saved up, levelling up in this event should be easy!

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August 1st Bingo Grid

I am back from vacation. OMGERD! I truly dislike Book It, *screams……* Carrots take 4 hours so I suggest planting 2 first before midnight and speeding them up before and after midnight.

august grid



Here is the new Bingo grid, for whatever reason it wasn’t working yesterday. Remember to plant soybeans before starting bingo, wait till they are grown to start then plant 2 more cause there is only 18 plots. The rest seems pretty simple. I hope Tanagrams is covered for me because it makes me sleepy.

Class of 2016 event!

This has got to be the easiest way to earn levels ever, which is cool because I heard the pizza one was hard. Basically you have to remember to log in everyday for the next week and visit The Palm and the Cruise Ship. Non members can get up to 5 levels, members get 10 levels. There is no excuse not to max this medal. Set a reminder.

event parties.png

New Limited Exclusives to be released!

I’m super excited, except this is finals week so my mind is all over the place. Let’s take a look at these Limiteds. The theme seems to be about money, lots and lots of money. The irony is  we will all be broke, if we aren’t already. Either way, I like the items.

Limited ExclusivesthroneGold Millionaire SuitFierce Blonde Hairstyle

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Bingo 3/14

Yay! The Bingo Grid is back to MONDAY!


Plant 15 Clovers, hmm! This clover event last until the 17th so I guess you have 3 days to do bingo, since the clover will be gone. There are Lucky clovers to be harvested also. This board seems easy enough.


Level with Gia! Day 1

Since it’s Monday, I decided to start off a week with tasks. You can follow along or not.

This should only take about 30 minutes of your time. I suggest Following along on a low server. I personally would add one pet game and Fashion show but only if your serious about leveling. Both of those take enormous amounts of time and commitment.

1.) Log in and go straight to pet school to check in!

2.) Complete mini quest

3.) Go to the arcade and Play: Fruit Stack, Snack Tac Toe, Memory Mix Up, and Jigsaw Jigsaw. remember to score in top 3.

If you have completed these task you will have scored 8 levels today. See you tomorrow!



#Levels Explained

So after like 5 hours, I’ve come up with an order, which I believe repeats itself, for the hashtags. If you’re wearing the right t-shirt, while the hashtags on, you’ll get a level!



There are 9 hashtags, and the hashtags change half hourly, at #:26 and #:56. This means that every 4 and a half hours, the hashtag will be repeated. This is really handy to know if you’re a non-member and want to know when the “Fan” hashtag is up so you can level.

#FAN times(all in Fantage Standard Time): Friday-9:26pm, Saturday-1:56am 6:26am 10:56am 3:26pm 7:56pm 11:56pm, Sunday: 4:26am I’ll add more later.

You know what’d be really embarrassing? If Fantage switched things up.

How To Level!

Everyone asks me the same question, so I’m gonna answer it finally! How did I level so fast slowly?

1.) Stop socializing

2.) Just pick a medal and do it to completion

3.) enlist your buddies to join you so you are not so bored.

4.) spend lots of money.

I will start this series one medal at a time.
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