Hello, everyone! Today, I will be writing about a brand new event on Fantage! Screenshot_20170728-163358The Hamster Paradise was recently launched, and appears to be quite similar to the past Unicorn events. The rules are fairly simple. Players earn levels and prizes simply for spending time on Fantage! To speed up this process, players also have the option to use gems, which provide a time boost which differs based on the rarity of the gem used. If you’re like me, and have a lot of gems saved up, levelling up in this event should be easy!


Here’s the time you need for each level:

Time Spent Level Prize
10 Minutes 1 Sticker
30 Minutes 2 Sticker
1 Hour 3 Sticker
2 Hours 4 Hamster Suit (Outfit)
3 Hours 5 Sticker
5 Hours 6 Sticker
6 Hours 7 Sticker
7 Hours 8 Unicorn Event Hair
8 Hours 9 Sticker
9 Hours 10 Sticker
10 Hours 11 Sticker
12 Hours 12 Hamster Feet Accessory
14 Hours 13 Sticker
16 Hours 14 Sticker
18 Hours 15 Sticker
20 Hours 16 Item?
22 Hour 17 Sticker
24 Hours 18 Sticker
26 Hours 19 Sticker
28 Hours 20 Item?
30 Hours 21 Sticker
32 Hours 22 Sticker
34 Hours 23 Sticker
36 Hours 24 Item?
38 Hours 25 Sticker
40 Hours 26 Sticker
42 Hours 27 Sticker
44 Hours 28 Item?
46 Hours 29 Sticker
48 Hours 30 Sticker

The prizes range from stickers, to outfits, to accessories! The only real problem that I have with this event, is that the unicorn prizes (released in 2015) have been recycled yet again! But that’s good news for any of you that missed out of them last time. Other than that, I appreciate the free prizes that even non-members can obtain! As for the limited items, there is currently one set released, with another coming next week. Members may purchase items using stars, but they may also be purchased with gold. These items are pictured below. screenshot_20170728-163408.pngscreenshot_20170728-163413.png

Part two is yet to be released, but from the event sign, we can tell that there are more games, items, and gifts to come! Though there appears to be a mistake with the dates.. screenshot_20170728-163403.png

Somehow, I don’t think this event lasts until October! [We checked, and 9/29 – 10/5 is when the Unicorn event was last time] It’s okay, Fantage. We all make mistakes! That’s about all for now! You guys can expect another post for the second part of the event. As for now, happy gaming!