This weeks Featured Fantagian is Fario-P!fariop.jpg Fario is a well known in the Fantage Deviant Art community, as well a content creator ShinyStarriNite on YouTube. She makes lots of content ranging from Fantage Stamps(One of her stamps features in the bottom of our page), to Fantage Pixel Art, to videos of speedpixelling Fantage avatars. Something amazing Fario also does is stitch together Fantage backgrounds for everyone to use. It’s really helpful and can be used to make high quality headers and other similar content. Here’s some more F2U content she’s created:

We asked her 13 questions to find out more.

When did you join Fantage?
I joined on February 20th, 2009 and got a medal for it (“The White Snowflake”). Man, I can’t believe how long it’s been…
What are your favorite Fantage memories?
Definitely some of the events that occurred back then! A lot of them had fun areas to go and cool event items. I also enjoyed some of the first Fantage Vidcons, it was really laggy but there were a lot of great people there xD.
When did you start making Fantage art?
I actually participated in the fan art contests for the Comet magazine back in 2009 a few times, but sadly never really won or anything. The closest thing to that was being featured as the “other winners” for something I did around 2012. I wouldn’t get back into doing this as a hobby until when I joined deviantART on August 13th, 2013.
Why did you start making Fantage art?
I thought it’d be really fun! Especially with all the Fantage art and groups that were out there for me to explore when I got into it as a full-fledged hobby. I also kinda did it because in the past, I’ve actually wanted to work at Fantage when I grew up, and thought that doing artwork like I’m doing now would be a great start. Of course, I don’t want to work there anymore, especially after seeing employee reviews, but it’s still fun to do nonetheless.
What do you use to make your art?
I mainly use GIMP for all my pixeling (or Fantage) and GIF-making needs– it’s really great for a free program that nearly acts like Photoshop. I do also use Paint Tool SAI, but it’s usually for non-Fantage art.
What’s a little known fact about yourself?
There’s actually a few things haha! One is that I started drawing, and still do to this day, on regular black-and-white notebooks rather than actual sketchbooks lol. Another one is that I actually made a account a long time ago that I often forget I have lol, but don’t worry, I didn’t make the nasty types of fanfics xD. I’ll also reveal that I’m a kinda-closet fan of things like Case Closed/Detective Conan, Crash Bandicoot, and Steven Universe.
Do you do anything else Fantage related besides art?
Of course! I make videos on my YouTube channel, ShinyStarriNite. I also rant on Fantage stuff through deviantART journals and try to troll Fantagians online by trying to get 1st place on all of the games and making riots, such as having a line of trains xD. I like also drawing and sometimes do it in the late morning lol. I read manga and watch anime, and like learning new things, as they sometimes give me inspiration for stories. I also play video games and slowly self-teach myself Japanese.
When did you start making videos?
I started in 2012, but the videos were honestly horrible and I’m glad no one remembers what the videos had lol. I rejoined on April 2nd, 2014.
Why did you start making videos?
Fantage Animated Series. I loved Cast A Spell and the level of detail KatherineDesu (OwOCookies) put into it. I also enjoyed Super*Star and Unexpected. After I started making videos, two other series came to my attention and created my love for Fantage Animated Series in general and kinda inspired how I made my videos. Millennium Star introduced me to Brinjsana (Sensei Andy), who has been a direct inspiration for my editing styles in both Fantage art and videos. jikorox‘s (Juliaroxall) Rise of the Clones was great too, and had a lot of things that made me love Fantage Animated Series in the first place.
What do you use to make videos?
Sony Vegas Pro 8. I know, I really am a old coot xD.
How has Fantage changed since you joined? Is it better or worse now?
This part may get long and controversial… in my opinion, Fantage sure has changed a lot, mostly for the worst. Not only did they remove a lot of fun and interesting things, such as the infamous 2009 easter eggs, the Phone (the predecessor to the Memos found in Homes), the ID Card (and the original IDfone flip-phone design), and a lot of the original Fashion Show themes (e.g. Star, Retro, Psychedelic, the 2012-only High Fashion theme, etc.), they also have gotten lazy with the overall game. Current events are either re-used or made with a generic taste. The mini-games have not been updated in a long time, which is especially sad when I noticed a lot of glitches with some of them. There’s no reason why there has to be an eCoin clone (Gold) and a Fantage version of big corporate companies (MyMall).
However, it would honestly be unfair, even for how the game has sadly been treated, not to say some positive things the game currently has. I do honestly like the improved Daily Attendance and the idea behind the Retro Arcade. Although they are often ridiculously high-priced and still suffer some quality at times, I am glad that non-Premium Members are getting more items, some even being my current favorites to put on. Yes, there are many, many things the Fantage company have done that I may even not forgive them for, but some of the new things are actually all right.
What event do you want Fantage to bring back?
There’s a lot I would like a return to, but I’ll try to keep it short. Some events I’d like a return to are the 2009 Let’s Dance Party, the 2009 Wizard Party, the 2012 Dream Catcher event, the 2012 Fantage in the Future event, the traditional Easter/Christmas/Halloween/anyotherholidayofcourse events before 2013 (cuz those events ACTUALLY HAD SOMETHING TO DO), and the Back To School events. I’d also like something like what the 2013 Royal Ball event did, where it actually showed some part of Fantage’s history.
Do you have any shout outs?
Yes!! Some of my fellow dA friends– :iconixrika::iconarioodle::iconhanuno::iconnermii:

Thank you very much Fario!
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