Fantage has released the second part of Hamster Paradise! Part 2 was released to a rough start as downtown was left completely unchanged and no one could buy the items needed for the event. This has been fixed, but the event info is still unchanged so I hope this post will clear some things up!

Firstly, the limited items:hamster p2 limiteds

If for any reason you need to be decked out in hamster swag, these are the items for you. No lie though, the doll and hat are adorable items that I could see being sought after in the future. Now let’s get into the actual event.

friendly ham.png

In the forest you’ll find the friendly hamster who will take you to the hamster entrance.

im a hamster

holy hamster
Click me!

It may seem like an empty room, but at the top of every hour, a big hamster will appear. If you click the hamster while wearing the limited board, you will be given a medal and taken to the paradise. Do this hourly to level up your medal. You don’t need to wait in the room, simply set a reminder a few minutes before the hour starts to get there in time.

hamster haven.png
It’s a hamster haven!

going hamIf you’re not wearing the board, the holy hamster will reject you and you’ll have to wait another hour. The medal gives 10 levels for nons and 20 for mems.

The free gift for this event is a purple hamster ball board. Purple Hamster Ball Board

Happy hamster hunting! Leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on this event!