Hey Fantagians,

Ertyuiop here serving you the details on Fantage’s new lemonade stand event! When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade stand. The latest Fantage event is the Lemonade Stand event. It’s running for one week and has some pretty cool limited items.

lemonade pix

Let’s take a look at the limited items for this event!

items - girls.png

Here are the items for girls! Girls get a cute dress, bright yellow pigtails and a lemon purse

items - boys.png

Guys get a separate top and bottom set, and a cute lemon balloon for the accessory.

Now let’s get to serving lemonade shall we? You have to wait on Fantage to get orders of lemonade that are given at random. Wearing the limited items increases your chances of getting orders. When you receive an order, click on the cart downtown to serve it and get lemonade tokens.

ordering lemons

The amount of tokens you receive depends on the lemonade. Blue gives 1, normal gives 2 and pink gives 3. With enough tokens you will be able to select from rewards, including items, stickers and the event medal. The medal goes up to 10 levels max. Note: At the time of release, the event medal was bugged and gave out the wrong medal when selected. This has been fixed.

And finally, the prizes you can get with your tokens:

lemonade stand prizes
Just what we’ve all wanted, a lemon on a stick!

Have you ever had your own lemonade stand? Let us know what you think about this event in the comments!

Fresh Lemonade
Finally, a use for this board.