Hey Fantagians,

We’ve started this new section called Featured Fantagian where we select an outstanding member of the Fantage online community and showcase their work and find out a little more about them. Many of you will not remember but Fantage actually used to have in depth information about their featured users, but as they don’t now, we thought we’d revive it.

So to begin this section, I’d like to congratulate Rainbowplum Cerkana! Rainbowplum Cerkana
Rainbowplum Cerkana is a popular Fantage Youtuber and artist who makes animated videos, series, skits and edits.
She’s trying really hard to get to 3000 subscribers, so if you haven’t already, go subscribe! She’s also recently released her newest video in her Fantage Animated Series “GenderBendered” so go check it out. We really loved the quality of her work, and hence chose her for Featured Fantagian, if you have time, all of her videos are worth a watch. Here’s our favourite:

We asked Rainbowplum Cerkana 10 questions to find out a little more about her and what she does.

When did you join Fantage?

I joined Fantage in 2013. I don’t remember the exact date tho haha.

What are your favourite Fantage memories?
Hm, I believe that my favourite memories in Fantage were back in 2013 when I used to play this game called ‘Splash’ (which is now stuffed into the arcade along with other games >_>). A lot of fantagians used to play Splash and I would compete with them, and even make a lot of new friends. It was such a great game to play among friends. There were usually crowds there at the beach and they just chill and do weird things lol.

When did you start making videos?
7th March 2014

Why did you start making videos?

Well, initially, I made a YouTube account because it was needed so I could enter a video competition on Fantage. Later on, I discovered other Fantage related videos made by other people who played Fantage. I was fascinated, especially ones created by animation, and so I decided to make some myself. I wanted to make videos to entertain others and to express my ideas, and it was definitely great to meet other people on Youtube who play Fantage 🙂

What do you use to make videos?
Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Paint

What’s a little known fact about yourself?
Well…I talk in my sleep…? Don’t know any other better facts about myself lol

Do you do anything other than make videos?
Yeah, I like to enter edit/drawing contests to help improve my editing. Most of the time it keeps me occupied when I have nothing else to do haha.

How has Fantage changed since you joined? Is it better or worse now?
Well, I only joined in 2013 but Fantage has actually changed by a large difference even within those three years. And obviously it’s worser now :O
For me, there were games all around Fantage and I would compete against friends and even make new friends. It felt great to earn stars and be able to spend them on items in shops (well, ones that I could purchase).
Anyways, now that all the games are like SQUISHED into one area, no-one plays them anymore and also stars aren’t worth it now. I feel like the games are like one of the main aspects of Fantage and also it helps socialising with people. Maybe it’s just me tho. There’s not much fun things to do in Fantage now :/

What event do you want Fantage to bring back?
I don’t remember much about the events haha. But I hope that any future events in Fantage are able to give out the same fun, interesting and exciting vibe as the events in the past.
Do you have any shout outs?
I would like to a shout out to all my subscribers and to anyone who watches my channel and anyone who knows me on Fantage and my family and my pet goldfish who are reading this right now. :3
Thank you very much to Rainbowplum Cerkana for being our Featured Fantagian this week and answering the questions. Please comment below someone who you think deserved Featured Fantagian and we might choose them next!