Hey Fantagians,

Fantage has chat filters in place which censors things you say. The filters are in place to prevent users from revealing personal information or using inappropriate or offensive language. These filters work by not showing what you say to other people if what you say has a filtered word in it. For example, if I try to say “You’re stupid” on Fantage, no one else will see it because it has been filtered.

How to tell if what you said was filtered:

1. Add a test word – When you say something put “HELLO” or “FUN” in capital letters at the end. If it shows the “HELLO” will turn into “hello” (or “FUN” into “fun”)

If “fun” turns from capitals to lowercase it shows.

2. Instant Message It – If you are chatting with someone in the “Instant Messenger” on Fantage, use a colour which isn’t black. This way, if something you say to them doesn’t show, the text will go black.

Colour proof
Text will go black if its filtered
How to say things with the filter in place:
Use Synonyms
Break it up
Break up your sentence
Use Fantage Abbreviations (Or make up your own)