Hey Fantagians,

The St. Patricks’s Day event has begun. The event consists of 3 different features which includes a Limited cart of Fashion items, a search for the Leprechaun game for levels and a Limited plant for your farm.


The medal is maxed at 10 for members and 5 for non-members.  To level this medal you must collect Shamrocks. Wearing Limited Items earns 5 extra Shamrocks each time and being a member adds 10 extra Shamrocks.The amount of Shamrocks needed to level increases with each level. There are 3 ways to collect Shamrocks.


1.) Finding the Leprechaun, he appears randomly at a location every 20 minutes. I have seen him mostly at The Castle and The Forest. Once he appears, after 10 minutes he will disperse Shamrocks for you to collect.


2.) Buying the Shamrocks for Gold. It will cost 1000 gold for 10 Shamrocks. According to Mmajid it will take 40,000 Gold for a member to max the medal or 20,000 Gold for a non-member to max the medal.


3.) Planting Shamrocks at your farm. Harvesting the plants gives you chances at collecting Shamrocks.


NOTE: You must wear a full limited set to get the extra clovers. SPD Leprechaun Advice

Have fun guys and feel free to comment below!