I continue my rant with My Mall today.  I’ve often wondered why people spend so much time in My Mall. It was the same with T&S. Once you have bought the item what is the point really, also how many items are there that you could possibly need.  I speak from experience because I know my inventory is full of duplicates and things I will never wear. So why is everyone always in My Mall.

Fantage is about so much more. My guess is there are 3 types of people there. People that want to buy really rare items that they will never find at a reasonable price, especially the guy users. Newbs who just want to build a collection which is understandable, and those other Fantagians who just want to take advantage of people and get as much Gold as they can, but for what. I think it would be far nicer if everything in Fantage had a limit to the price.  If the price was set in stone then other Fantagians could not raise the prices so ridiculously high. Fantagians we are all supposed to be friends, not cheat each other for personal gains. My kiosk will always sell items at min. I would even consider selling my good items if I could get rid of my bad ones. Lucky Bob takes too long. I almost wish there was a donation bin in Fantage like for the Salvation Army to donate our items.

I’d really like to hear comments on why people spend so much time at the mall so please comment below because I’d really like to understand the situation.