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Chinese New Year Event on Fantage

Hey Fantagians,

Fantage has left us a little/big clue/mistake about the next event. For the first time ever Fantage will be officially celebrating Chinese New Year. For the uninformed, Chinese New Year is the new year on the Lunar Calendar (USA and many other countries use the Gregorian Calendar). 2017 will be the Year of the Rooster, and the New Years day will be January 28th.

Chinese New Year Preview.png

It’ll be interesting to see the new items.


Fantage Rescue Elfie Event!

Hey Fantagians,

So Fantage released the “Happy Holidays 2016” event. The main part of it is called “Rescue Elfie” which is the same as last year’s holiday event “Runaway Rudolph”. Here is a preview of the items for this event.

holidayitems1My favorite items are the top and the snowflake. Here’s the Limited Cart with prices of each item.


Leave a comment down below on your favorite item from this event!


Unreleased Pets

Hey Fantagians,

We’ve tracked down another former Fantage graphical artist Christina Nicodema. She worked at Fantage from August 2009 to June 2010. She designed various things including including homes and stickers. She also designed some pets. Some of them were used and some weren’t. Here they are:


I really like the green one on the left side. Comment below which is your favorite!


Fox ears second page hurry girls not sold out yet

Fantage Secret: Chat Monkey

Another one of those popular old secrets, which have now been mostly forgotten. If you’re in an instant message chat with someone type in:

Thats One Crazy Monkey

And it will send that person a dancing monkey!

Thats One Crazy Monkey

SWFs Part 2

While I’ve known about SWF’s for a long time, I’ve recently found a very old post on Fantage Forum with more Fantage resources. Get HYPED editors and item pack makers. You can get official already clear .png’s of Fantage clothes, accessories, moodies and more with ALL of the movements (wave, cry, etc.). I’ll tell you how to find them after the “continue reading” jump.
Continue reading “SWFs Part 2”

Fantage Throwbacks: SWF’s

This isn’t strictly a throwback, but more a forgotten feature. But hell, it’s our blog we’ll call it what we want. Fantage SWF’s (Small Web Files) are elements used to run Fantage through Flash Player. These SWF’s contain vector image animations, and sometimes videos. You can find more of these if you google “” but there’s not a lot more interesting things.
Many of these links (not all) have been sourced from these old forgotten blogs:
Read on for the list of SWF’s we’ve compiled.
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Game Guide: Fruit Stack

Now, this isn’t quite playing along with the fun of things, but, if you’re absolutely horrendous at Connect 4 (Fruit Stack) like I am, this is the exact tool for you.

This website tells you which moves you can make which will let you win (I believe it’s a guaranteed win too, as long as you follow the steps of course).
The only catch to this is, you have to go first in the game. Read on to find out exactly how to use it! Continue reading “Game Guide: Fruit Stack”

How Much Is Fantage Gold Really Worth?

On Fantage Gold is the current “Premium Currency”(Paid for not earnt). The real value of Gold is probably not one set value as there are different discounts and prices set when sold by third parties. But we’ll try to show you how much 1 gold really costs. I know I haven’t factored in the “10% Bonus” Gold that Fantage gives but that doesn’t really effect the price.

BONUS NON-MEMBER TIP: If you want to buy 20000 Gold, it’s cheaper to buy one month of Membership and choose the $10 Gold option which will give you 25000 Gold, for just $17.95. However remember to cancel your Membership before the end of the month or you will be charged again (Unless you want to continue paying for Membership). 

Read on for the Gold Prices!

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