While I’ve known about SWF’s for a long time, I’ve recently found a very old post on Fantage Forum with more Fantage resources. Get HYPED editors and item pack makers. You can get official already clear .png’s of Fantage clothes, accessories, moodies and more with ALL of the movements (wave, cry, etc.). I’ll tell you how to find them after the “continue reading” jump.

Now I’ll just link you to the post on Fantage Forum, http://www.fantageforum.com/t2064-fantage-swf-s From here you can see “Vatt” has posted a select few cool links.
However you can find literally THOUSANDS of these links through a fairly simple thing called a cache. A cache, in computer terms, saves thousands of the images etc. so that you can load it up quickly next time. Many Fantage items are saved in your web browsers cache. To access these images you need to open your browsers cache. Access the cache by typing this into your address bar:

Chrome: chrome://cache/
Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer: http://lifehacker.com/385883/resurrect-images-from-my-web-browser-cache

Once you’ve done that.press Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) and type in “fantage.com/r1/” or “fantage.com/rp/” this will direct you to the links. Click/Copy Paste the links you want to see.

Here’s  my own list of interesting things I’ve found:


http://www.fantage.com/r1/male/FACE/face-6.png (Green Skin Colour!!!!)


-Agnt007 (I’m sorry, I know this post might be confusing, comment and I’ll be happy to help you)