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Throwback Thursday

Fantage Timeline: 2008


1st – Fantage begins Open Beta after 3 months of Closed Beta
7th – Mouse Out game added
14th – High Scores introduced
22nd – Bobo Fish game added
22nd – Creature Area added
28th – World Map updated


3rd – Superbowl Costumes Released (New York Giants/New England Patriots Costumes)
4th – Putt Putt Revolution game added
4th – Safe Chat option implemented
6th – Official Fantage Weblog Created (All posts from here until July signed as Himani)
9th – Fruit Stack game added to Star Cafe
17th – Type Boo added to The Castle Interior
17th – Furniture can now be resized
27th – Creature Arena is opened, along with the Creature shop
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Fantage Throwbacks: Fantage Betas Youtube

It’s that time of the week again! Todays throwback is the Youtube Channel of Boogieramon, one of the most famous early Fantagians  (He was a Beta). Fantage Betas also had a blog which is here. His first video was posted in September 2008, so everyone can see what Fantage looked like back then (Including the 2008  Halloween Party). Most of his videos were random and didn’t really stick to one theme. However he did make some really good music videos, and some series. Continue reading “Fantage Throwbacks: Fantage Betas Youtube”

Veteran Level 100

One of the first accounts to reach Veteran level 100 is michael! It happened on 3/1/16. Michael joined on 11/12/2007, there may be some users from October 2007 with level 101. Look at his idFone! Michael doesn’t actually play anymore, but it’s a public account. How cool!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.59.36 PM.png

Fantage Throwbacks: SWF’s

This isn’t strictly a throwback, but more a forgotten feature. But hell, it’s our blog we’ll call it what we want. Fantage SWF’s (Small Web Files) are elements used to run Fantage through Flash Player. These SWF’s contain vector image animations, and sometimes videos. You can find more of these if you google “” but there’s not a lot more interesting things.
Many of these links (not all) have been sourced from these old forgotten blogs:
Read on for the list of SWF’s we’ve compiled.
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Fantage Throwback: Fantage Armies

Hey Fantagians,

Around 2008 and 2009 there were things called armies. There were armies that would get together for wars, events and parties. The wars usually just involved a lot of shouting, but I think the winner was generally just decided by who’s army had more people on the day. Sadly, armies didn’t last very long, but it seemed cool while I was there. Continue reading “Fantage Throwback: Fantage Armies”

Fantage Throwbacks: Vintage Blogs 2

Part 2 of these blog throwbacks, today we’re covering the Official Fantage Blog, Fantage Cheats, and Fantage The Best. I personally like the Official Fantage Blog the best out of these, but the other two are really great with unofficial content and showcasing old events. Continue reading “Fantage Throwbacks: Vintage Blogs 2”

Fantage Throwback: Vintage Blogs

Hey Fantagians,

Back in the “Good ol’ days”, there were Fantage blogs run by people who everyone knew. Inevitably those people left, their blogs died out and were replaced by more substandard blogs. An interesting fact about them is that they were run almost exclusively by guys, guys running a Fantage blog is pretty rare these days, but back them, the tables were turned. Additionally, it’s not popular these days, but many blogs didn’t use, but instead of buying a domain, they would use a free one. These free domains included .tk and
Today I’ll showcase a few of the best blogs so you can see what the vintage online Fantage community was really like. Continue reading “Fantage Throwback: Vintage Blogs”

Fantage Throwback: The Original Comet

When Fantage first began the comet in April 2008 it was a monthly paper, rather than weekly as it is now. Similarly to the Fantage Blog, the Comet was presented as written by “Himani” to begin with, but changed to “M” at a similar time to the blog.

Each issue of the Comet had cool things that many people have forgotten about. In the Comet you can get Official Fantage themed Wallpaper, Note taking sheets, Cards, Colouring Sheets etc. I think the artistic community of Fantage will really love this stuff.

After a bit of digging around, I found 9 Archived issues of the Monthly Comet from 2008.Comet Header Continue reading “Fantage Throwback: The Original Comet”

Fantage Throwback: IDFones

Some of you may not realise Fantage has had 3 different types of IDFone through time.

The first was the ID Card. It featured your username and avatar on the front, as well as your stars, level and whether you’re a premium member. On the back it featured your medals.

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