1st – Fantage begins Open Beta after 3 months of Closed Beta
7th – Mouse Out game added
14th – High Scores introduced
22nd – Bobo Fish game added
22nd – Creature Area added
28th – World Map updated


3rd – Superbowl Costumes Released (New York Giants/New England Patriots Costumes)
4th – Putt Putt Revolution game added
4th – Safe Chat option implemented
6th – Official Fantage Weblog Created (All posts from here until July signed as Himani)
9th – Fruit Stack game added to Star Cafe
17th – Type Boo added to The Castle Interior
17th – Furniture can now be resized
27th – Creature Arena is opened, along with the Creature shop


3rd – The Beach area is opened
3rd – Snow Day game becomes multiplayer
16th – Fantage Fever Blog begins
17th – Fantage Beta Period Ends
21st – Fantage Announces Easter Items + Creates an item upon request by a fan
22nd – Wind and Slippy’s Blog begins
22nd – Beta Crowns Released
22nd – St Patrick’s Day items released
22nd – Easter Items released
29th – The Forest is Announced


2nd – New Creature Arena Pets Announced (Extra Link)
19th – New Premium Rooms (Houses) Released: Space and Princess


5th – New clothes
12th – Enchanted Forest is Released (Extra Link)
13th – Orion’s Rare Finds Opens


1st – Free Le Shop items
1st – Grotto Released
8th – New Clothes
20th – First Medals Announced


9th – New Clothes
12th – M’s First Official Fantage Blog Post(No mention of where Himani is)
19th – Medals Released


2nd – First User Inspired Items Released


30th – New Comet Medals Released


5th – Map Changes
8th – Ultimate Game Card Support (For buying membership)
17th – Fantage Changes Whole Map to Halloween Theme (Extra Link)
22nd/31st – Pumpkin Top + More Released (Extra Link)


8th – Fantage Changes Map to Fall (And Thanksgiving)
15th – Fantage’s First Thanksgiving
25th – First ever mission released (Who broke into top models?)


8th – Splash Officially Released
16th – Fantage Changes to Winter Map (Extra Link)
21st – Fantage Betas Blog begins
22nd – Christmas Clothes released
24th – Official Fantage Party with M (First in game “Party”)