Hey Fantagians,

Around 2008 and 2009 there were things called armies. There were armies that would get together for wars, events and parties. The wars usually just involved a lot of shouting, but I think the winner was generally just decided by who’s army had more people on the day. Sadly, armies didn’t last very long, but it seemed cool while I was there.

Fantage Army Uniform.png
Army of Fantage Member Uniform

The “Army of Fantage” was the first and most “Official” Fantage Army. Other armies tended to be bloggers who made up an army with their followers, but the Army of Fantage was specifically just an Army. The leader of the army was 2008Sarah, with other famous Fantagians Mace and Donut assisting. Their uniform was a Spartan style, which in my opinion looks really cool.

Wind and Slippy uniformWind and Slippy had two separate armies. The Slippy Soldiers, and the Wind Warriors. Despite being separate armies, they were always allies, which apart from uniform, made them effectively one unit. As reflected through out their blog, Wind’s uniform was Blue, and Slippy’s Red.

There were many other armies, but they either didn’t have a blog, or didn’t really get under way properly. Some of these armies included ninjas, spies, and “society”.

Let us know if you think we should bring back armies with a cool uniform and everything!