Hey Fantagians,
Our 3rd Featured Fantagian and dear friend of mine is Whee444! Congratulations! Whee444 can still be found on Fantage on rare occasions and continues to make skits and collabs on his YouTube channel “Whee Jones”.

He currently has about 3700 followers. You can watch how his editing skills have evolved since 2011. Check this video out below it’s one of my favorites. I might be biased though 🙂

Make sure you go subscribe and check out all his videos. Whee444 also has an Instagram which you can follow here.

We asked him 10 questions to find out more.
When did you join Fantage?
I joined Fantage in March 2010.
What are your favourite Fantage memories?
My favorite Fantage memories are working hard to level up fast with friends.
When did you start making videos?
I started making videos back in the October of 2011.
Why did you start making videos?
I started to enter the 2011 Fall Video contest because the winner would get a good prize!
What do you use to make videos?
The programs I currently use are Sony Vegas & Paint.net.
What’s a little known fact about yourself?
I used to play Weeworld
Do you do anything other than make videos?
I run track and follow Christ!
How has Fantage changed since you joined? Is it better or worse now?
It’s gotten much worse, unoriginal and boring.  It used to be about fun, but now it seems it’s just about Fantage making money for business
What event do you want Fantage to bring back?
The celebrity event of 2010
Do you have any shout outs? 
Shout out to all my Fantage friends/subscribers from over the years ^_^
Keep up the good work Whee444!
Comment below who you think should be the next Featured Fantagian!